Letters — 11 January 2006

My family asked the doctors and the policemen at the KHMH on New Year?s Day to test the alcohol level of the driver that hit my car and caused injury to my mom and me. We got no response. Was it because the drunk driver that hit us was a former policeman of high rank? Or is it a common practice to ignore the


As I understand, it is compulsory for the police to do these tests for traffic accidents. Why isn?t this being done? A basic survey can be taken to determine the percentage of tests that were conducted in 2005 compared to the number of traffic accidents that occurred in 2005. I am sure the results would not come as any surprise to any of us.

In 2006 the media (radio, television and newspapers) need to take a more active role in educating Belizeans and making our community a safer place for

all Belizeans. We certainly can?t sit and wait for politicians to do this for us. What good is information if you just read, hear or see something and forget about it by the next day? Sometimes I think that the media in Belize do not realize the extent of their powers as a source for creating change and influencing attitudes.


Yours sincerely,

Lisa Zayden


P.S. We did additional X-rays a few days after the accident which showed that my mom has a fractured rib.

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