Sports — 20 March 2015 — by Peter Young
Cricket Corner – Cricket is a gentleman’s game

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Mar. 18, 2015–The Harrison Parks National Cricket Competition 2015, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, continued over the weekend. Here are the results.

Only one game was exciting, and that was the game played between Cahsu Medicos and Uprising. Medicos won their first game by beating Uprising, 157 to 129. I did not get the full stats.

In other games, Police made a good showing in putting down Excelsior, 124 to 91. For the Police team, Baronlee Clare scored 35 runs, while Anthony Fermin took 4 wickets for Excelsior. Norman Revers top scored for Excelsior with 22 runs, and Baronlee took 5 wkts for Police.

The Easy Does It and Bright Star game was postponed for this Saturday.

Western Eagles vs Excellence; the game started well, with Eagles batting first. At the fall of the last wicket, they had scored 157 runs. After lunch break, it was time for Excellence to perform. First ball in the first over and 4 runs; then the sky opened up with a hard shower of rain, so the game had to be stopped, and completion was set for this Saturday.

At Lords Bank, Sunrise overpowered Suga Boys, 131 to 59. Jermaine Baizar scored 37 for Sunrise, and Clifford Tillett took 4 wkts for Suga Boys. Orin Wade scored 20 runs for the Sweet Boys, while the old veteran Edison Parks took 6 wkts for Sunrise. (Edison is the oldest player on the team, and in every game he shines in some way or the other. Keep up the spirit of the game, sir. Well done.)

I was made to understand that Brave Union put it on Berlan, 100 to 50’something. Those stats are very late coming in.

The game between Wicked11 and Brilliant did not end in the way a game should end, when there should be cheers and socializing together. Brilliant took to bat first and scored 143 runs, and Wicked 11 went in to try and best the score. Both teams were undefeated up to then, winning all games played. The umpire that was officiating the game is one that is very knowledgeable of the rules of the game, and very disciplined, to say the least. When the last two men were at bat, the score was nearing the one put up by Brilliant. According to my knowledge, a ball was bowled to a batsman, and at the delivery, the umpire called a no-ball, and that ball hit down the batsman’s wicket. According to cricket rules, a no-ball cannot out a batsman bowled. An argument started on the field of play. One of Brilliant’s team players came on to the field and physically assaulted the umpire. Something of this nature should not have happened. The police had to intervene. Wicked 11 won the score with one spare wicket. According to information received, the police had to escort the umpire off the field as a precaution.

This individual, according to the bye laws, is to be automatically suspended for five (5) games. 1/2 Bylaw 25 reads: “If, in the opinion of the umpire, a player disrespects a member of his team, or the opposing team, or any of the umpires, or intentionally hits down a stump, he shall be suspended for 5 complete matches immediately following the match in which the incident occurred.”

This does not show sportsmanship in any person that will do such grave things. I’ve been asking over and over, players, please respect your fellow men. I have visited games and noticed no respect being shown to umpires. As I’m a part of the Executive Board, this incident or any other one will be taken very seriously, and those responsible will be dealt with according to the laws. No excuse for anyone. I’m not only sad about the incident, but ashamed, as this will not stay at home. Without fear or favor, I will encourage all umpires to report each and all incidents so that a stop could be reached. I was once a part of the officiating team, so I know how the majority of players behave. With that, I’ll say no more.

The games continue this weekend with the following: Bright Star vs Easy Does It at Lemonal (back match); Western Eagles vs Excellence at Double Head (continuation). Police finishes the first half losing only one game and winning 4. Congrats! Zone Two – Brilliant vs Sunrise at Lords Bank; Isabella Uprising vs Wicked 11 at Isabella; Berlan vs Cahsu Medicos at Landing; Brave Union vs Suga Boys at Carmelita. And on Sunday, March 22, Brilliant vs Brave Union at Crooked Tree (back match).

Have fun, cricketers and fans. Show respect and you will be respected.

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