Letters — 21 March 2014 — by Romel Cuello

Dear Editor,

Rt. Honorable Dr. Manuel Esquivel has resigned from the political picture in Belize. Sadly, there are not many who are lamenting. So, so sad.

This is the man who straightened out the Belizean ship when the rudderless PUP nearly sailed us into the reef of economic shambles. Many of the PUP party faithful will not agree, but true businessmen could smell the reef coming. No foreign exchange at the financial institutions was the biggest sign.

Rt. Honorable George Price was a great politician, but not very adept at financial matters, and as my elders noted, when he tragically lost Mr. Fonseca as financial advisor, he had no one to replace him.

Dr. Esquivel came on the scene when Belize needed an administrator more than a politician, ‘cause that’s what he was. Good administrator, bad politician. He straightened out the financial ship, but got beaten at the political game, only to be re-elected a second time by fate’s decree. Beaten again, he resigned.

In my mind’s eye, he is right up there with Mr. Price in honesty, as financial overseers of our country, with “The buck stops here.” He went a little further, “Pay your taxes”.

Just the view from a common-sense businessman.

Romel Cuello

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