Sports — 24 April 2015 — by Charles X
Deon is back!!

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Apr. 23, 2015–It felt good to see Deon McCaulay back on home soil and appearing upbeat in preparing himself along with the rest of the Belize Jaguars for our next World Cup Qualifier date, against the Dominican Republic in June. Deon appeared yesterday morning on Krem WUB along with the young man who led the community fund raising effort to bring him home to join the team’s training at the FFB Stadium, where our home game will be played.

Amandala’s Wednesday, April 22, editorial, “Bring back Maccabee Version…” called for the national team coaches to “be replaced immediately, because they will poison the selection’s training atmosphere on Deon’s return.” Those coaches did not object when the FFB insisted that Deon was an “ordinary player,” while Deon maintains that he is still a registered “international player” with the North American Soccer League.

So far, the FFB has given no indication that any coaching changes are imminent. But, as the saying goes, “it is written;” and when Belizean fans get all hyped up in the weeks and days coming up to game time against Dominican Republic, it will be the FFB heads who will carry the burden of any possible let down, not the coaches. Except for a brilliant free kick by Elroy “Bibs” Kuylen, Belize Jaguars went scoreless in 180 minutes of ball game against low ranked Cayman. The FFB heads were not banking on Deon, so they must have been convinced that the extra time with the squad was all the present coaches needed to unlock the team’s goal scoring potential. If Deon’s presence now results in goals, everyone will be happy, though some might argue it is not necessarily because of Deon. But if it turns out badly for the Jaguars, it will not be Deon’s or the Jaguars’ fault; and not the coaches’ either, for they did not pick themselves. Think about it.

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