Letters — 09 October 2015
Do the right thing

Dear Editor,

        The highway entering San Ignacio from Benque is very busy with large trucks and vehicles. As they approach the populated area, they are moving fast and there are no warnings or speed bumps to alert drivers to slow down. This spot is an area where children are crossing the highway to get to and from school.  There is also a blind curve.

        We have tried to get speed bumps on the road for ten years.  We went to the Town Board (both PUP and UDP), town meetings, met with the CEO of the Ministry of Works, contacted our Area Representative but have yet to get results.

         The CEO told us they did not want to put in speed bumps as the road was being redone from Belmopan to the Border and it was costly and would not make sense to put them in just to take them out.  That was almost 3 years ago.

        In the alternative, we suggested a sign warning traffic to reduce speed and slow down.  It appears that is too costly too. At least according to our Area Representative, who told us there was no money for signs.

        It is said that one does not get action unless there are dead bodies. Unfortunately, we have already had at least two deaths and numerous accidents on this stretch of highway. We do not want to see any more.

        If you can’t put speed bumps, erect a couple of signs.  Certainly that is cheaper than loss of life or serious injuries.

George & Candy Gonzalez
San Ignacio Town

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