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FFB Congress update

BELMOPAN, Wed. May 18, 2016–As previously reported, on the 30th day of April, 2016, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) held its IX Congress at the Princess Ramada Hotel in Belize City. Of the items listed on the agenda, one was for election of a new executive, where persons vied for the posts of President, Senior Vice President, Vice President and two Executive Members. After twenty-two rounds of voting, only three posts were filled, being Senior Vice President, Marlon Kuylen, and Executive Members Shane Orio and Darlene Vernon. Thereafter, the Federation was advised to halt with further attempts at selecting a President and Vice President, which remained deadlocked at 10-10 each, until further directions were given by FIFA. At the end of the night, all members were advised that the Senior Vice President would be elevated to Acting President until such further time.

On Tuesday, May 10, 2016, the three elected members travelled to Mexico City to attend the 66th FIFA Congress and to vote for the election of the new CONCACAF President, but more importantly to meet with the relevant FIFA personnel as to the way forward in relation to the posts that still remained vacant.

After such meeting, the Executive was advised as follows: –

1. That the position was governed by Article 32.6 of the FFB Statutes which states as follows:-
32.6 If a position becomes vacant, the Executive Committee shall fill the position until the next Ordinary Congress, when a replacement will be elected for the remaining term of the mandate. In case more than 50% of the positions of the Executive Committee become vacant, an Extraordinary Congress shall be convened within sixty (60) days in order to elect a replacement for the remaining term of the mandate.

2. That, as three of the five positions were duly filled, the present executive satisfied the 50% requirement, and therefore the parties would be deemed “The Executive” body of FFB until the expiration of one year, when an Ordinary Congress can be called for the purpose of holding elections to fill the said two (2) posts.

3. That the Executive may, if it chooses, appoint two persons to assist on the Executive, but such persons would have no voting rights, and would be deemed ex-officio members.
After the meeting, the Executive members were advised that an official letter would be forthcoming from FIFA setting out these directions. However, appreciating the task of the newly appointed President and the on-going issues directly affecting FIFA, there has been a slight delay in obtaining same. As soon as this directive is received, it will be shared with all FFB members and the public alike.

(Ed. Note: This is a refreshing start, sharing information with the football family, by the new FFB administration.)

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