Letters — 14 July 2015
Hey GOB! Whatever happened to our ten grams?

Dear Editor,

Most civilized countries are waking up to the fact that the prohibition of cannabis has been a great big failed mistake, not only a mistake, but in my own humble opinion, prohibition itself, is a crime. Even though no one ever had the right to prohibit cannabis, the law has created much harm in our country and time for a change is at hand. If you could give peace of mind to tens of thousands of your fellow Belizeans, and their families, would you? That is about how many cannabis users in Belize would be affected in a positive way by decriminalization.

Any person within the GOB that can help, should do it. To be given such a great honor as to be able to alleviate some of the suffering of tens of thousands of your fellow Belizeans is in fact a constitutional mandate, a blessing in disguise and a great good karma move.

Do this for Belize and you and Belize will be blessed, in ways that you can only dream of, guaranteed.

The choice is yours – will you help or will you hinder? If it is not too much to ask, PLEASE DECRIMANALIZE THAT 10 GRAMS NOW, before more and more families who are trying to survive are harmed by the current laws. Or don’t we matter?

Give peace a chance!

William Conde

P. S.: Show some humanity and you got my vote

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