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House collapses; owner homeless

BELIZE CITY–Miguel Vansen, 60, of Roaches Street in the Lake I area of Belize City, is now homeless after his house collapsed, destroying all his household furnishings and personal possessions.

The elevated house came tumbling down around 10:00 Friday morning, December 5.

Vansen told the media that he was not at home that morning and was working on a street in his neighborhood when a neighbor came and told him that his house had collapsed, but he did not believe what he was told.

So Vansen went to his yard to see what had happened, and that was when he saw his house on the ground. He said that the house was in need of repairs, and it had been leaning. He used to feel it shake when strong winds blew, he said.

His daughter also lived in the house, but she had since gone to live with her mother, and he alone lived in the house.

Vansen said that he still can’t believe that his house has collapsed. He is seeking public assistance. He needs food, clothing, money and materials to rebuild a house. Vansen can be contacted at telephone number 602-730.

According to Vansen, although he was aware that the house was in a state of disrepair, he did not have the funds to repair the house, especially since he was unemployed.


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