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Husband held up wife at gunpoint, then stole her vehicle keys

Gladys Dominguez, 47, a businesswoman of Sapodilla Street, Corozal Town, told police that she was held up at gunpoint by her estranged husband, who assaulted her, and stole her vehicle keys and escaped in the vehicle.

The incident occurred about 2:30 Friday at a beauty salon on 3rd Street North, Corozal Town.

Dominguez was at a beauty salon when her husband, from whom she had separated, entered the salon and pointed a gun at her head and told her, “I will shoot you if you do not give me the key for the vehicle!”

According to police reports, Dominguez tried to escape by walking away from her husband, but he followed her, and that was when he allegedly pushed her, then slammed her several times against the wall, and then punched her on the left and right sides of her head.

Fearing for her life, and concerned about the welfare of everyone who was in the salon at the time, she handed over the keys to her beige SUV, valued at $6,000, to her husband, who then drove away in it.

Melvin Dominguez, the husband, was picked up by police on Friday and was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, and robbery.

Police say that a man who saw what was happening and tried to come to Dominguez’s assistance told them that when he came into the salon, Melvin Dominguez pointed a gun at him and told him to “get lost,” before he shot him.

He and Gladys Dominguez have since made a formal report at the Corozal police, and Melvin Dominguez was arrested that same Friday.

Police issued a Medico form to Dominguez, who was taken to the Corozal Hospital, where a doctor classified her injuries as harm.

Melvin Dominguez was taken to the Corozal Magistrate’s Court today, Monday, where he pleaded guilty to the aggravated assault charges and was fined $2,000.

He was then released, and the robbery charge was adjourned to May 27.

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