Letters — 30 August 2013 — by Jack McReynolds & Valerie Connaughton

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to express my great concern about the creation of the large scale cruise ship facility proposed for the Southern part of your lovely nation.

My wife and I have been visiting Placencia, Belize, for our Christmas holidays for the past five years. We have found it a marvelous place to which to escape, and we look forward to continuing this tradition. I should also mention that prior to our discovering this part of Belize we had spent this time in Europe – but found Belize to be a quieter and more relaxing place to spend the holidays.

As we have grown more familiar with Belize and its people we have contemplated purchasing property for our eventual retirement. The news that the Belizean government is now considering this facility has had a severely negative impact upon our plans.

That the proposed facility is in contradiction to the existing plans and recommendations of your government greatly adds to our concern. If Belizean politics allows such capricious changes in usage, we cannot continue to consider Belize as a possible home, and our future holiday plans are also now being reconsidered.

In closing, I would ask that you reconsider the impact that this facility will have on the diversity of experience your nation offers. To make all areas subject to pandering to large scale tourism, you then destroy your appeal to those of us who enjoy your country on its own merits.

With all regards,
Jack McReynolds & Valerie Connaughton

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