Sports — 07 November 2014 — by Erwin Woodye, Jr.
King of the Hill (Singles)   8-Ball Tournament – Top 4

BELMOPAN–The King of the Hill (Singles) 8-Ball Tournament second round concluded, and now the top four players are ready to rack ‘em up. It all started with 32 players, after which it was down to the top 10, and now there are the top 4 players closer to the top of the hill, as they continue to climb with their shooting skills. So, yes, 28 dropped off the hill, and it’s going to be the best man who will reach on top on Sunday, November 9, at 2:00 p.m. at Mike’s Cue Club in Belmopan.  To reach the top four, it was truly competitive. Here’s more:

From the top 10, no player was guaranteed a spot in the top 4, as everyone appeared to be shooting the lights out. Two players made the top 4 by winning 4 of their 5 games. They are: Elder Paredes and Erwin Woodye, Jr.; so they qualified outright. Then there were four players who had won 3 of their 5 matches; and, since there was a tie in the number of matches won, a tie-breaker was put into effect with the individual racks won and lost. With this in place, the two players who advanced to the next round were Ernest Borland and Marvin Yam, while Oscar Avelar and Erwin Paredes were eliminated by close margins. Other players who were eliminated, but should still be respected for making the top 10, were: Clifford King, Noe Palma, Ernest Turner, and Julio Hernandez.

So, remember, Sunday, November 9, in a round-robin format, race to 4, it’s going to be a showdown with big time players: Elder Paredes, Erwin Woodye, Ernest Borland and Marvin Yam battling it out on the pool table for the handsomest prizes ever to hit Belmopan, sponsored by Mike’s Cue Club and Belize Roadway Construction Ltd., to whom the Belmopan Billiards Association and players are truly thankful.


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