International — 05 November 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego
No leads into murder of Canadian woman in Consejo

Her murderer or murderers climbed to her 2nd floor home using the verandah

Police told Amandala today that they still have no leads into the murder of Canada national, Patricia Lynn Nichiporowich, 57, a resident of Consejo, Corozal, who died after she was stabbed multiple times and her throat slashed in her Consejo Shores home by a killer or killers who invaded her home between 5:30 and 6:30 Tuesday evening, October 29.

Nichiporowich’s neighbours told police that they heard screams for help coming from the house, and they became concerned. They began to honk their horns, but saw no one exit the house. They went to see what was happening, but the bottom of the 2-flat concrete house was properly secured with burglar bars, with the only access to the upper part of the building being a stairway, well-secured by a burglar-barred door.

One of the neighbors then got a ladder and climbed onto the verandah of the upper flat, where Nichiporowich resides. The upper flat was not burglar-barred. The neighbor found her inside apparently dead, in pools of her blood. Nichiporowich, who was recognized internationally by Who’s Who, an international organization, for her dedication, leadership and excellence as an Indoor Air Quality and Radon Measurement Specialist, was lying in the living room; she had been stabbed multiple times in the neck and body.

At first observation, police could see that she had a number of cut wounds that appeared to have been caused by a machete. According to the officers, it also appeared that she had been raped, but this cannot be confirmed until an autopsy is completed.

Because of unexplained footprints found outside the residence, police have declared it a home invasion. The body has been transported to the Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk Town, where it awaits an autopsy.

Footprints on the wall leading to the second floor seem to confirm the hypothesis that the killer or killers climbed from the side of the building to gain entrance. Arzu believes that the killers attacked Nichiporowich, but the screams unnerved them, causing them to exit the house quickly by jumping down from the upper flat from the rear.

According to Assistant Superintendent Daniel Arzu, commander of Corozal Police Formation, they observed expensive electronic items such as I-pods and cell phones in the home that seem to suggest that the intruders departed quickly, even though they had gone to rob Nichiporowich.

As of today, police still have no suspects.

Consejo has an active neighborhood watch, which will endeavor to assist in the successful conclusion of the case, but police are also seeking public assistance to solve this murder. Anyone with information on the murder is urged to contact Corozal police at 402-0022, the nearest police station, or 0800-922 TIPS.

According to police, on Monday Nichiporowich took her common-law husband, David, to the Philip Goldson Airport, from which he departed on a flight to Miami, Florida. The couple’s intention was to relocate to San Ignacio upon his return, and she had stayed behind to make preparations for the relocation.

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