Letters — 07 September 2016
Letter to the Editor: Lenient pedophile sentence

Editor Amandala


Over the past months a lot of issues have surfaced in our country that currently have us very divided and in turmoil. While I concede that all of these are very pressing issues, I sincerely believe that there is something much more pressing that everyone is ignoring. The issue I’m talking about is how our legal system continually fails to do its job and bring justice to the people. The most important issue for me is that our Belizean kids continue being molested and raped by men from different countries without any just punishment. The latest one to appear in the newspaper was David Taylor, who forced four young boys into homosexual acts which he also photographed.

The punishment handed down to David by the Chief Magistrate was two years. It’s so infuriating to know that a man that has made four boys do unspeakable acts that he photographed and most likely shared with other pedophiles can just get two years as his sentence. What our legal system is doing is creating a safe haven for pedophiles from all the different countries to come and exploit this broken system. What we need to do is set a precedent that will show our stand against pedophilia.

We need to hand very harsh punishments for any types of acts that take advantage of children and hurt them. I admit that there is a litany of issues that I can talk about but the other issue I want to point out is how the police always seem to be above the law no matter what atrocities they carry out. To me it makes complete and utter sense that police officers and anyone working in the government for that matter should be subject to harsher punishment. They are simply civilians to whom we the people have given the authority to uphold the law.

It’s time we took a hiatus from all this fighting among us and we stood against what’s really wrong. We need to demolish this unjust and vile system and install a system that will really look out for the well-being of our children and the just treatment of our citizens. Police officers are always beating up different individuals for the possession of marijuana when they themselves are guilty of worse actions.

I’m tired of us marijuana users being treated as less than the average citizen. It’s time to stop with all this corruption in every single aspect of our current government. You can take away my freedom of speech but you can never take away my freedom of thought.


Nathanael Moh

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