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Letter to the Editor: Unsung Belizean heroes

May 8, 2016

Dear Editor:

        Whenever we hear the term “hero”, we often times think of someone who’s strong and powerful that comes dashing through the air at high speed racing to help someone, prevent the “bad guy” from striking and essentially, to save the world! However, I’d beg to differ. The aforementioned description of a hero is a gross misconception that needs to be rectified. I believe that a hero is someone who’s small and powerful. A hero is someone who hardly makes a lot of noise and has the power to effect change and shape the world in which we live. A hero works late at night and all day long to ensure that the service they offer is second to none. A hero is loving and caring – they guide, mold, protect and nurture the minds (much like seeds) so that they may bloom into productive, self-respecting adults. In case you’re wondering, a teacher possesses the genuine qualities of a hero.

        I have been privileged to be a teacher for the past five years and it has truly been one of the most onerous and arduous tasks, yet simultaneously so noble and gratifying. I believe that teachers are not duly recognized and appreciated for the hard work which they have done and continue to do on a daily basis. They do not receive praises enough. I believe that teachers give so much and get so little and are not saluted for going the extra mile to ensure the success of each and every child. Teachers mold, guide, protect, inspire, effect change, nurture and develop students holistically and for this and more they often times go unnoticed. Teachers essentially are unsung heroes.

        Therefore, as we prepare to celebrate teachers I would like to take some time to salute them. I would like to say to teachers out there that you are valued and your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated. I would like to honor teachers for the work they have so consistently done and have continued to do. I would like to honor teachers at this time and let them know that they are the real heroes out there. They raise and nurture these children, they guide and protect them, they mold and develop, they plant the seeds and water them, they shape the future and effect change; and last but certainly not least, they give birth to all the other professions, thus developing the country in which we live and by extension the wider world.

        So as we celebrate Teachers’ Week that will eventually lead up to Teachers’ Day, join me in saluting our teachers. Let us recognize these heroes for the willingness, dedication, commitment and service that they offer. To my teachers who have taught me, hats off to you – job well done! Keep on doing the phenomenal job that you have done and strive to continue to do so. To my personal friends and great colleagues who are teachers, I salute you for having taken up such a noble and sobering profession. A great teacher of mine whom I salute and look up to once said: “Teaching is such a noble profession that it is only for the brave and not the faint at heart…”

        Therefore, with that said, teachers all over, from near and far, you are the true heroes! Happy Teachers’ Day to you and may the Good Lord continue to richly bless you, guide you and give you the strength and courage to forge forward with renewed optimism and unalterable hope.

        Happy Teachers’ Day to you, HEROES!!

    Below is an original poem to honor teachers as they prepare to celebrate Teachers’ Day.

Teachaz Da Gold!

by R. A. Neal

Teachers are pure, absolute gold,
With a wealth of knowledge and wisdom untold;
They teach, advise, guide and they mold,
Nurturing the whole child – mind, body and soul!

Teachers guide, protect, nurture and serve,
Working with students to meet the bell curve;
They instruct, they doctor, they provide and feed,
Catering to the “whole” child’s learning need.

Teachers give so much and get so little,
The profession is so swift yet so subtle;
Teachers are little angels, sent from heaven above,
Packing an abundance of kindness, care and love.

Sometimes the work can get arduous and laborious
But do not falter and do not feel dismayed;
Be courageous and bold, persevere and thrive,
Making a positive impact on these young minds.

So, stand up, teachers! Forward to the prize before us,
Let’s unite for this cause so noble and just;
Book by book and hand in hand,
Let’s continue to shape and develop this, our beloved land.

Rudolph A. Neal

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