Letters — 23 June 2018
Nattering nabobs of negativity …

Dear Editor,

If Belizeans are fool enough to go to the ICJ, they deserve to lose their country. I know Mr. Harry Lawrence of The Reporter is all for appeasing the Guatemalan tyrants; so is the traitorous Foreign Minister, and those “nattering nabobs of negativity” in the Dean Barrow government.

That pack of wimps reminds me of Neville Chamberlain, at Munich, 1938, eager to appease Adolf Hitler.

If Belize “wins” at court, Guatemala will simply ignore it; if Belize loses, we all know what that means.

So, what then is the answer? The answer is plain as the nose on your face: colonize the border between Belize and Guatemala. Convict labor settled Australia, Rhode Island, too. Grant suitable convicts at Central Prison twenty acre parcels of land along the border, grant land to any Belize citizen willing and able to farm it.

Make the parcels of land contiguous along the border, and non-transferable. Create a buffer along the border between Belize and Guatemala, a buffer of Belizean farmsteads, with the BDF to maintain law and order.

Thanks for your consideration,
Dean Wayland, Cayo.

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