Letters — 13 November 2015
Neri Briceño writes  PM Dean Barrow

November 15th, 2015

Dean O. Barrow
Prime Minister of Belize

SUBJECT: Congratulations

Dear Sir:

Allow me to extend my congratulations to both you and your party for the victory you achieved in last week’s General Election. The election was a very hard fought fight but ultimately your party was victorious which should translate into an overall victory not only for your party, but also for the people and the nation of Belize. Political campaigning is never an easy, fair or tasteful task, but the job of governing one’s people unlike campaigning must always be a fair and just one. After the brutal political campaign that just took place, it is now a time for political healing, nation building and for the people of this great nation to move on and concentrate on the task of uplifting the lives of ALL Belizeans regardless of one’s political allegiance. You, your party and the government are a key part of the catalyst to make that happen.

As the nation and the international community look at the composition of the key members of your governing administration, we are pleased to see the inclusion of more women but yet are disturbed that there is not a single substantive post held by anyone in the South, once you jump into the Toledo District. The nation hopes that this is not a continuation of the age old political tradition of ostracizing those that do not support us. We feel that this is no coincidence since the voters in the South handsomely rejected your party. Kindly bear in mind that you are the Prime Minister of all Belize, from the Rio Hondo to the Sarstoon and to the citizens of all political persuasions.

Whether the Opposition or any other organization or individual likes it or not, you are the most powerful man in tiny Belize. But with power comes great responsibility and I advise you to exercise it with great caution. It is no secret that your last administration showed signs of greed, corruption, nepotism and vindictiveness and as we see some new faces in your current administration, we will hope that this will be something of the past. We expect that the wealth, resources and opportunities of this nation will be equally distributed to all citizens of this nation and the pillaging of wealth by high ranking and the political elite will stop. Under your watch ordinary men became instant millionaires, something that is unheard of in any modern capitalist democracy. While internationally whether we choose to admit it or not, we have lost footing to the Guatemalans and continue to appease them.

But we will not reflect on the past because as citizens we are all looking towards a bright future with you at the helm. Your party has won because obviously there is a portion of the population who still have a certain degree of confidence both in you and your party and genuinely believe that you can uplift the lives of all Belizeans and in the process make the nation better.

As for the critics who are saying that you are leading us into a dictatorship, I am convinced that you are a wise enough leader to not even contemplate such an idea. A third term should bring a better life for all Belizeans. The mistakes your administration made in the past will not be tolerated this time around and we cannot have a case of a portion of the population living high off taxpayers’ public funds while another portion suffers. This will simply not happen and will not be either encouraged or tolerated. You and only you at this point can make the difference in the lives of thousands of Belizeans. We have confidence that you will do the right thing and be the leader for ALL Belizeans and let our history remember you as such and not just as a third term Prime Minister.

Churchill once summed up the American ethical approach by saying, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.” Belizeans tend to be the same.

While it is the general belief of your administration that those of us who dissent are against you, allow me to reaffirm you that that is not the case. We respect you as the leader and Prime Minister of the nation but at the same time we have a right and obligation as responsible citizenry in any democracy to keep an eye on our government.

It’s all about the people!!!


Neri O. Briceño

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