Sports — 26 July 2007
Familiar names of yesterday’s stars are now cropping up in the reports of the national Over 35 football competition, which started its regular season over the weekend under the auspices of the Belize Super League.
On Saturday night at the Michael Aschroft Stadium in Independence Village, former national champion goalkeeper Darren Hinds (Sagitun) and forward Edmund “Buzzard” Pandy (Milpros & BMP Bandits) were two very familiar names on the scorecard, as the visiting Belmopan Over 35 squad grabbed a 2-1 victory over marathon champs, Independence. Buzzard put Belmopan in front with a goal at the 30th minute, followed by Selso Carcino with another at the 40th minute, to make it 2-nil. Independence’s Darren Hinds, playing out this time, put his team on the scorecard at the 56th minute, making it 2-1; but it wasn’t enough, as Belmopan maintained the 2-1 lead till the long whistle.
Orange Walk
Meanwhile, at the same time in Orange Walk at the People’s Stadium, former BDF and O.W. Juca star Edwin “Bribri” Hill was making his presence felt, as was former Yabra and Duurly’s star Peter Guy, in a 4-3 slug fest won by Orange Walk over Kulture Yabra. Raymond Johnson scored for Orange Walk at the 15th minute, but Basil Middleton replied for Yabra, tying up the score at the 38th minute. Peter Guy then put Yabra in front 2-1 with his tally at the 61st minute. “Bribri” Hill’s goal at the 75th minute tied it up; Landy Jones put Orange Walk ahead at the 78th; and then “Bribri” returned for his second goal at the 85th minute, giving O.W. the comfortable 4-2 lead. Yabra was not about to give up, though, as Dwight McDougal made it 4-3 with his goal at the 88th minute. But it wasn’t enough, as Orange Walk held on for the 4-3 victory.
Belize City
The Marion Jones Sports Complex in Belize City was the venue at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon for the other Over 35 weekend match, and it was a 5-3 affair, with San Pedro getting the better of the home standing Plaza. Palmiro Salas opened the scoring for San Pedro at the 8th minute, and he struck again at the 15th, to make it 2-nil. Kevin Rowland then closed the gap for Plaza with his goal at the 20th minute. But Salas then completed his hat trick, putting San Pedro ahead 3-1 with his third goal at the 45th minute. Undaunted, Kevin Rowland had his second goal for Plaza, making it a 3-2 score. San Pedro came back again with Tino Gonzalez scoring at the 67th and 76th minute, for a 5-2 lead. Plaza came back with another goal at the 86th minute from Michael “Wataplat” Flowers, making it 5-3, but that’s how it ended, 5-3, San Pedro over Plaza.
Bze District 1st Division
Earlier in the day on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. at the Marion Jones, in the Belize District 1st Division competition, Kelly Street bombed Hattieville F.C., 4-1. Lem Jones scored twice for Kelly Street, at the 21st and 47th minute. Kelly Street’s other two goals were by Ryan Bradley at the 27th and Henry Gillett at the 85th minute. Hattieville’s only goal was by Jason Robinson at the 80th minute.     
“Super League of Belize keeping the spirit of football alive”

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