Headline — 23 January 2016 — by Albert J. Ciego
Police issue wanted poster for murder suspect

ORANGE WALK TOWN, Tues. Jan. 19, 2016–Police have issued a wanted poster for Juan Carlos Lopez Gutierrez, aka “Chile,” 58, a Salvadoran who is a farmer of Indian Church, Orange Walk District, who, they say, murdered Francisco Arravelo, 51, a Salvadoran, also of Indian Church.

Arravelo’s nude body was found in a semi-complete concrete house in the village at about 10:30 Sunday morning, January 17. His killer had chopped him in the back of the head and his left hand was partially severed.

ASP Selwyn Tillett, Commander of Orange Walk police, said that at about 9:00 Saturday night, Arravelo was lured out of his house by a woman who called him on his cell phone and told him to meet her, and when he went to meet her, he was killed. Police believe that the motive for the murder was jealousy over the woman, with whom Arravelo reportedly had an intimate relationship.

Police acted quickly and found Arravelo’s cellphone on him, from where they got the number of the woman who they believe lured him to his death. Through their investigation, they were able to determine that the woman and Carlos Lopez Gutierrez were also lovers.

The woman was detained, but not charged. Police, however, are seeking Juan Carlos Lopez Gutierrez (who they suspect was jealous over Arravelo’s relationship with the woman) and he is considered armed and dangerous.

If anyone sees or knows of his whereabouts, he or she is urged to call the nearest police station, or Orange Walk police at 322-2022, or 911.

Police said that a wanted poster of Gutierrez, aka “Chile,” has been sent to INTERPOL, to the Mexican border, and also to all police stations and the western border.

Villagers and Arravelo’s family told police that Arravelo was in a relationship with the woman, who was living with him, but she also had some type of relationship with Juan Gutierrez. Villagers wrote on Facebook that the woman and Arravelo were always seen together selling vegetables in the village.

According to the Guardian newspaper, Arravelo was the vice-chairman of Indian Church village.

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