Letters — 19 April 2013 — by Hakeem Bush

Dear Editor,

I’m not a big fan of Mayor Bradley but I must tip my hat to him for the wonderful work he’s doing with the infrastructure in the City, especially the streets. But mostly I must congratulate him on inviting the area representative for the Freetown Division to the opening of the Chetumal Boulevard. Although they’re on different sides of the political fence, the Mayor made it known he is the area representative for the division and he has all right to be part of the festivities.

Oh how I wish the government would start to use that kind of mentality when there is any major development in a constituency. They need to invite the area rep no matter what party color they are. They are the duly elected representatives: the people put them there. Let us stop this nonsense about giving the so-called caretakers the limelight – they are not the elected representatives.

Recently I noticed a Minister of Government boasting about a road being paved in Hopkins. Isn’t Hon. Rodwell Ferguson the area rep? I didn’t see him giving a speech or even sitting at the head table with the other dignitaries, but yet they featured some caretaker and a former representative. That’s totally wrong. Hon. Rodwell Ferguson is the area rep; the people elected him; he should have been in the forefront.

I agree with the Leader of the Opposition that those petty politics need to go away and let this new generation of politicians do the right thing. Let the area reps be part of the pomp and circumstance whenever there is a development in these areas.

Proud of you, Mayor Bradley, and Leader of the Opposition for starting a new era in politics

Hakeem Bush

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