Letters — 25 October 2017
Romel Cuello’s thoughts on visit of Mexican president

Dear Editor,
The Mexican president is coming to visit Belize. We import $135 million from them and they import $1 million from us. Is there any plan to help this deficit? How about we doing our part and facilitating the border crossing for Mexicans to visit Belize?

Many friends in Chetumal would love to come to Belize just to visit and eat a little “rice n’ beans”. The first thing we greet them with is a $30.00 Bzd fee for parking their vehicle at the border. Then they have to buy insurance for their vehicle. These two charges discourage the would-be visitors instantly.

I am sure that if the Mexicans could apply these charges to Belizeans we would stop going there.

Only GOB can help this situation. Or Maybe Mexico needs our money more than we need theirs.

Romel Cuello

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