Letters — 31 January 2018
Romel’s traffic suggestions

Dear Editor,

I view with concern how our national traffic controllers and highway planners love to have us driving longer distances than necessary to reach our destinations. This costs the country more time and fuel, very expensive things.

On the Philip Goldson Highway entrance to Belize City I read that a median will be installed. Man, in the newer cities of the modern world, on wide roads, a middle lane is used specifically for people who need to turn left or turn back. That stretch on the PGH is wide enough for two lanes going, two lanes coming, shoulders for cyclists, and middle lane for turning left or returning. The drain coverings serve as sidewalks.

Lots of Belizean drivers do not like to obey the traffic laws and would use the lane for overtaking, but a couple fines would fix that.

People who travel to the United States can see these roads in Texas and California.

On the same note, Road safety is being given lots of attention when any driver worth his salt knows that our roads need to be widened at the shoulders and painted brightly with guidelines, especially on the PGH. This will make our cyclists and pedestrians safer. We don’t need studies for that.

Romel Cuello

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