Letters — 22 May 2015
One roof, one bolt …

Dear Editor,
I am writing to bring this to the attention of the Transport Authority in Belize City. I am a regular bus rider in Belize. A few months back, due to an incident, a steel post in a bus station was damaged and has been left unattended for the last few months.

Sitting in the station numerous times waiting for buses, I studied this phenomenon and found out the whole roof is supported by one bolt.

Right now this can be fixed by few hundred dollars, but if it collapses, it could be thousands of dollars and maybe loss of life. Please, someone in authority arrange to fix this damaged post.

Do it if not to save someone’s life, at least to save some money for government. Even the insurance company that insures for this kind of event should try to fix it: it will save them money and hassle.

And if someone gets hurt, then the court system also will spend valuable time in this matter.

Prevention is what will save Belize.


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