Letters — 22 August 2018
San Antonio Road good: Smithsonian Street bad

Dear Editor,

The residents of San Antonio Road in Orange Walk Town are very grateful to GOB for the paving of this road, so we can breathe freely without inhaling tons of dust in the dry season, or carrying pounds of mud on footwear when rainy.

Smithsonian Street connects unto this thoroughfare, and because this street is not paved, each time a vehicle comes onto the road from this street, it brings lots of dust and debris along with it, deteriorating the beautifully paved road. This road should serve us for many years, but with this problem, its pavement existence will be cut drastically.

This, street is in the East constituency of Orange Walk District and two political little giants are vying for our votes — Hon. Elodio Aragon, Jr., and Mayor Kevin Bernard. As in all walks of life, competition is supposed to bring out the best in us and consumers, in this case constituents, should benefit.

Let’s see which one of these gentlemen will show us the love, address this situation and earn our gratitude (votes).

Romel Cuello

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