General — 26 October 2012

The brothers HABET TEAM LEAGUE continued this past Saturday, October 20, with more exciting table tennis at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium.

Games were played in both 1st & 2nd Divisions, starting at around 2:00 p.m.

In the 1st Division, Welders crushed CUZ, 5-1.

And in the 2nd Division, Tallawah blanked SJC Lightspeed, 5-0; Ping Pang shut out SJC Strikers, 5-0; Garage dropped SJC Snipers, 5-1; Bismark clipped BDF Spin Kings, 5-4; SJC Young Warriors turned back Turds, 5-4; Ping Pang whipped Garage, 5-1; and Turds stopped SJC Strikers, 5-3.

Games continue this coming Sunday, October 28, with another packed schedule. Three sets of matches will take place.

9:00 a.m. – Tallawah vs SJC Snipers; BDF Spin Kings vs SJC Strikers; SJC Young Warriors vs SJC Lightspeed; Racqueteer 2nd Div vs Ping Pang; Team Phoenix vs Garage 2nd Div; Turds vs Bismark.

11:00 a.m. – Tallawah vs SJC Strikers; SJC Snipers vs SJC Lightspeed; SJC Young Warriors vs Garage 2nd Div; Racqueteer 2nd Div vs Bismark; Team Phoenix vs Turds.

1:00 p.m. – Tallawah vs BDF Spin Kings; SJC Young Warriors vs SJC Snipers; Racqueteer 2nd Div vs SJC Strikers; Team Phoenix vs SJC Lightspeed; Turds vs Ping Pang; Bismark vs Garage 2nd Div.

(Ed. Note: According to tournament rules, when teams are matched against each other, they play a best-of-9 games series, with each game featuring 1 player from each team. The team that racks up 5 victories first wins the series. With 3 or 4 members comprising each team, the better players may see action more than once in a team match series.)

Below is the updated Points Standings for each team.


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