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Sam Trucco writes from Ambergris Caye

Dear Editor, What is happening to the beachfront in San Pedro? The law states it is Queen’s Land 60 feet back from the high water mark. Yet, past Ramon’s Village north to Boca del Rio we [...]

Surrender to LGBT – what will it cost us?

Editor Sir, I refer to your page 1 article of 23rd November – “U.S. Ambassadors …” I have already shown in previously published articles that the Gender Policy and the Belize Constitution cannot be reconciled. Let [...]

The power of one

Dear Editor, Community activist Yaya Marin Coleman proves to one and all that if you see a wrong, you cannot be silent; you must make your position heard, loud and clear, even if you are the [...]

True freedom is taken, not given …

Dear Editor, A country is not truly free until it takes its freedom. This is something basic all Belizeans must come to understand. I borrow this gem of wisdom, insight and foresight, from the late Frantz [...]

A little black boy from Southside Belize City

Dear Editor, Please allow me to address this letter to the youth of Belize. In this article, I will mention my living conditions when I grew up in the Southside Belize City, how I obtained an [...]

Time for police officers to have life insurance benefits

Dear Editor, The death of Police Officer Danny Conorquie gives the current members of the Belize Police Force the golden opportunity to demand a life Insurance and benefits package from the Government of Belize, which is [...]

Applauds Clinton and Yaya, calls for Belizean patriotism

October 12, 2014 Dear Editor, The present situation in our country in regard to the strong American influence upon our people is quite alarming. Not only are the Yankees deciding who will build our military base, [...]

VIP requests Integrity Commission information

October 24, 2014 Executive Director Secretariat of the Integrity Commission National Assembly Building Belmopan, Belize Dear Sir/Madam, We have written several letters to your office over the last five years requesting information that in accordance with [...]

Act as one race – the human race

Dear Editor, I would like to argue that the spread of Ebola and other diseases is a predictable and logical consequence of globalization and an increasing world population, which is about 7.3 billion. Never before in [...]