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Home Letters Applauds Clinton and Yaya, calls for Belizean patriotism

Applauds Clinton and Yaya, calls for Belizean patriotism

October 12, 2014

Dear Editor,

The present situation in our country in regard to the strong American influence upon our people is quite alarming. Not only are the Yankees deciding who will build our military base, but they are also influencing our children to think that the American way of life is the best lifestyle.

There is a mentality amongst our Belizean culture and people that whatever the Americans produce and manufacture is of better and superior quality than other similar items that are produced elsewhere. Our youth have provided themselves with an identity based on the way they dress, speak, and behave connected with a strong aspiration to be like the American role models that are displayed on American propaganda.

If a youth is not wearing a Jordan slippers or Nike tennis, then he is not up to time with style. A Belizean youth will more readily relate what is the latest news with Drake and Beyonce than provide an example of Belizean folkloric music. A Belizean adult is more informed with Obama’s policies than he is informed of what is happening around us in Latin America and the Caribbean. We have simply become acquiesced to the American influence.

It is time for us Belizeans to open our eyes and become aware that whenever there is strong American influence upon a country, there is also something big to be gained by the Yankees. As to what that big gain is, I will leave the reader to decide upon what it is.

We should take a close inspection on countries such as Cuba and Venezuela. It wasn’t Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez who fought against the American influence, it was the people united against oppression who fought. There has to be a sense of patriotism and a true Belizean identity for this to occur in Belize.

Being patriotic does not mean to call ourselves sons of the Baymen or march in the streets and have a national holiday for a battle which didn’t change the oppressive and despotic conditions of our real fathers, who were considered as possessions with numeric values and not as human beings.

Being patriotic means to stand up and unite and fight for what is right for our Belizean people and children. The fight shouldn’t be violent either, at least not at its first stage. The fight can be by means of words, such as brother Clinton does or by protests, such as sister Yaya does.

A true Belizean’s identity constitutes of knowing who we really are, knowing where we came from, and knowing where we are heading as a people and as a nation. We must search for our true history as a people and race so they stand up together and fight against oil companies and whatever they consider as danger to their wellbeing and way of life.

The Mestizos up north know their history as descendants of the people who fought in the Caste War, so they stand up together and fight against the government when they feel that their livelihoods are at risk even if there has to be a martyr shot by a BDF soldier.

We should all stand up together as a people and fight against the American influence. The Yankees will take the side of the Guatemalans anytime over Belize’s even if the Guatemalans decide to kill more Danny Conorquies.

I applaud you, editor, Clinton Luna, and Yaya for showing the Belizean people patriotism and a true Belizean identity.

Yours truly,

Moises F. Serna

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