Headline — 10 May 2017 — by Micah Goodin
Telswin Lara, 30, escapes death on Sunday morning

BELIZE CITY, Mon. May 8, 2017–Telswin Lara, 30, was at his home on Arlington Drive in Belize City at around 1 a.m. on Sunday when he had a brush with death.

A youth armed with what appeared to be a .38 revolver fired a barrage of shots inside his home, hitting him once in the lower back.

Today, Monday, Amandala spoke to Lara, who was treated and released from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

He recalled, “I mi deh inna mi house di watch TV and I hear somebody di knock pan my door and I di holler, ‘da who dat, da who dat’, and nobody ansa. When I shub up my side window by my door, da because wa gunman deh deh and ih got ih gun inna ih hand, di point ina mi face and I haul back my head and ih just start to fire shot inna mi house, and den I jump pan the floor and den I get shot inna mi back.”

According to Lara, he counted four shots and then heard the shooter drove off in a waiting vehicle.

Lara told our newspaper that after the shooter left, he (Lara), with a bullet lodged in his back, fled to his relatives for help.

“When I got shot and I heard the vehicle take off, I opened my door and I came outside and I ran da my sister house da back, and I tell she ‘gyal, I just get shot, mein, please call or somebody’, and she call, then I run out yah fi come tell mi ma ova deh, and same time di police truck di come and wa police truck come right yah, suh, and they mek I get in it, and they carried me,” he said.

According to Lara, his home is usually crowded, but at the time of the incident, he was the only person home.

He told Amandala, “Usually, wa lee crowd woulda di hang with me and ting, but thank God, da crowd neva deh deh da night, cah di door mi wa open, and ih mussy mi wa be worse.”

When we asked Lara why would anyone want to harm him, he frankly told us, “I got a lot of haters; I nuh do them nothing. So I just di seh dah natural hating. Dem di hate, and wah tek me outta di game.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told Amandala that a suspect known to Lara had been detained on Sunday.

The Police Press Office has confirmed to Amandala today that the suspect has been identified as Majestic Alley associate Dane Gillett, 18. He has been charged with, “Use of deadly means of harm and grievous harm.” He will be taken to court on Tuesday to answer to those charges.

Lara told our newspaper that he will follow through with the case and will testify if the need arises.

“I di tek police action inna this young bwai case yah, cah ih very wrong fi weh ih do and I nuh di lef dat suh. Me nuh di guh shoot back ahm, or none ah dem ting deh, suh ah wah tek it inna di law hands because me dah people inna society tu, and me nuh wa stay deh like I dumb, man di shot me and because yuh nuh wa dey call yuh informa or snitch, yuh wa lef he deh mek he continue kill yuh off…,” he stated.

He added, “All weh ih could try do da kill me before the case push, but I di push case and I nuh business [I don’t care]!”

Following this incident, Lara was released in a stable condition. The bullet is still lodged in his back, however. Sources close to Lara have indicated that the shooting was connected to a turf war between two major gangs.

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