Sports — 21 August 2005 — by E-Jay Hill

In a matter of six days, the same New Site Erei team came into the MCC Grounds this past Saturday, August 20, and crushed Kremandala 5?1 in the friendly rematch. Harrison ?Kafu? Roches, former rookie of the year Ryan Simpson, Dennis Serrano, Elroy ?Bibb? Kuylen and Malachai Nolberto all scored one goal each, while Deon ?Pussy? Flowers avoided the shut out loss with his goal for Krem Lake.

This New Site Erei looked good on paper with two championship experienced players in Norman ?Tilliman? Nunez and Elroy ?Bibb? Kuylen. If this was a move to create fan excitement in the Griga, they did a wonderful job of doing just that. However, the question of when will Griga ever return to the football dominance which was enjoyed back in the seventies, still lingers. Two seasons ago, a star-studded Griga United team that included international goal keeper Shane Moody-Orio between the sticks, rookie of the year Ryan Simpson, national team players Elroy Smith and Harrison ?Kafu? Roches, Peter ?Metro? Mariano, and Aaron ?Taz? Nolberto made it to the playoffs and was dead on arrival.

It has been rumored that the reason behind ?Tilliman? not making the trip back to his old stomping grounds at the MCC Garden over the weekend, is because of contractual and sponsorship negotiations gone bad. Apparently, ?Tilliman? Nunez and a majority of the New Site team were under the impression that the team had sponsorship, when in fact it did not. Reportedly, Nunez asked for and received his release from New Site Erei.

In an interview with New Site Erei?s owner and manager, Justin ?Speedy? Gonzalez, he told Amandala Sports that he and the team?s executive are in the process of seeking other sponsorship besides Dangriga Cable Vision. When he was asked about the ?Tilliman?, Woodrow West and Bibb Kuylen issue of requesting releases, Gonzalez denied that this was the case.

In a Dangriga radio talk show last Thursday night, August 18, team manager, John ?J and N?s? Castillo, announced that Print Belize will be one

of the sponsors. When asked if negotiation of sponsorship with Dangriga Cable Vision has crashed, Mr. Gonzalez said, ?No. Cable Vision is still a sponsor, but they are only the sponsor for advertisment and broadcasting of our games. We will be looking for sponsors for travel and salary. After today?s meeting with BPFL officials we will respond to the other issues that we are facing.?

As for Kremandala Lake, they too have issues. Super midfielder Mark ?Kelo? Leslie was reportedly signed, sealed and delivered. In speaking to a Krem Lake insider, we heard that that is not the case. ?Kelo is still a question mark but the core of our team remains intact,? he said.

Emory Nunez, Albert ?Tut? Thurton, Ernest ?Rasta? Wiltshire are, at this point, staying with the Black and White. New Site Erei players Jacinto ?Fowl? Bermudez and Dennis ?Girl Problem? Serrano, who signed with Krem Lake last season but couldn?t play due to disciplinary problems, are both reportedly in negotiations with Krem Lake and are pretty close to reaching an agreement.

So many problems and not many days to solve them. The season opening marathon is scheduled for Sunday, August 28, in ?Shugga? City Orange Walk Town.

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