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They’re not ashamed about his game

It is quite interesting to watch the people called Democrats, the liberal wing in the USA, how they run the gamut, so to speak, to find a reason or reasons why the man Donald Trump is now the leader of their country. They go here, there, and everywhere, and ignore the stark fact of too much LGBT.

It must be a serious thing over there, this furor about how the dastardly Russians infiltrated the American political machine and warped the minds of the gullible people. They accept that their people will swallow a whale, or an elephant, if you package them right. It’s not right to laugh at anyone (especially not right to laugh at your friends), but I think we’re allowed to smile when we think of the one that installs presidents in our region, the one who makes numberless attempts to disrupt the Cuban government, getting a dose of their own medicine.

Of course no election is a “one issue” story. There are the matters of abortion and stem cell research. But the divide isn’t really that clear there. Only a mad person loves abortion. Some people just hate it more than others. There are aspects of stem cell research that cannot be denied. And there are aspects that are grey areas. There’s just not a clear divide here either.

There is the matter of taxation. Keeping it simple, the Republicans (the conservative wing) believe that the rich are to give as they choose, that it is not a prerogative of government to take from some and give to others. The Democrats believe in supporting a public safety net for those people who are in need of a helping hand. This is the clear divide between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in the USA.

At this time the American people are clearly more supportive of the philosophy of sharing the wealth, so the Democrats were set for a victory in 2016, if not for another matter that arose.

If you ask a person who is a Democrat, there is never, never, never the matter of the aggressive, over-zealous wing of the LGBT in the discussion about the election for a US President in 2016. They will tell you that America is too “enlightened” for LGBT business to play up in their elections. That is either a strategy of ignore, or they are a people that will, yes, swallow a whale.

I think the world, well, most of it, okay, many of us, accepts that the world ought to treat gays more respectfully. I am not writing about their members who joo fu heng – those ones who pervert or molest children. Specifically, I am writing about the group, the large group that only wants to go about their daily lives without interference into what they are doing in their closets.

The overly aggressive Democrats in the USA just pushed too hard. A church that blesses gay marriage can’t have read the Holy Books. That business isn’t kosher. We don’t have to quote from Leviticus. But we will remind ourselves about a certain story in the Bible’s first book, Genesis. In that book we learn of the wikidnis of gay life and the haraz that can bring on a people. Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities, were  turned to rubble because they embraced the gay life.

For sure there were other issues for the American electorate to consider. There are their economic issues, their foreign policy, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But LGBT ambition tipped the scales.

The aggressive behavior of this group de-energized members of the Democrats who are not certain about some of their issues, and it energized, provided fuel of the high octane variety to the Republicans, especially their Evangelical core, which absolutely has no give for the gay lifestyle.

The Democrats try to smear the Republicans as hypocrites, because of the latter group turning a blind eye to the sexual transgressions of “their” leader, Mr. Trump. The truth is that the women Trump consorted with are of no account to the Evangelical core of the Republicans, nor the Muslims, for that matter. To be precise, the women in these stories are not Evangelicals.

Evangelicals pray for women who are not on the straight and narrow, only if they go to church and pay the requisite tithes. If Trump were an Evangelical pastor, he would be under major scrutiny. He is not a pastor. In the present battle, he is a mercenary fighting on their side. And the one he chose as his deputy, the one just a heartbeat away from the presidency, is a full blown Evangelical. For the Republicans, Trump’s “virtues” far outweigh the shame in his game.

The story by Morgan Strong, “How Christian Zionists got their man into the White House” (an excerpt in last Friday’s issue of Amandala), shed some more light on the aggressive behavior of the Evangelicals. History shows that they are as violent as the most radical sects of Islam. And it looks like they have no chaynj fu chaynj. Well, to be perfectly fair, they now eat, enjoy pork. But they are not happy with any “turn the other cheek” philosophy.

Bah, here we go again. These people will find a war. It is hard to grasp, to understand the mind that takes a literal interpretation of the Bible. They are what they are. You just knew that a collision was about with these gay advocates who want to overturn the world.

The great trouble is that while the LGBT raged to overturn the world, white supremacy snuck in the door and gained control of the most powerful country in the world. The Republicans accept that white supremacy is under their tent, but ha, ha, I heard that Trump himself is not a racist. For proof they trot out a woman of color whom he used to date. The only thing is, this lady could have “passed” the one-sixteenth bar back in the day in New Orleans. On the real, a white male would have to be a racist to the noh moh noh moh if he cannot see the virtue of a vital young woman of color.

The LGBT story will not go away from American politics very soon. And none of the candidates the Republicans put forward who swear to keep this group in check, will need to be heterosexually pure. The LGBT wants too much.

The LGBT played a very supportive role during the civil rights Sixties in the USA. Through the years they have been supportive of women’s rights too. They continue to be supportive of the rights of people of color in a racist white world, and the rights of women in a sometimes chaansi male-centric world.

The LGBT seems to have difficulty understanding that their game is different from a person of color demanding to have the full rights of a human being, and a female demanding same. Color is public, and gender is public. Sexual behavior is only public in the animal kingdom. Let those things for the bedroom stay in the bedroom, and those things for the closet stay in there.

It is incredible that the LGBT and their supporters can’t see that the group is asking for rights that are not consistent with fairness and reality.

There is the matter of their insistence on the right to a church-blessed marriage. We can argue, debate on the right or wrong of a civil arrangement. But no sober Christian church can consider blessing such a wedding. On that, all devout Christians are as intolerant as the most intolerant groups of Muslims.

It is really fascinating how human beings make truth to justify their positions, or are made to accept an obvious falsehood. It is so in this world now, that we accept what gay men do in a closet as sexual intercourse. But when heterosexuals deviate from procreation sex, it is called other things.

Sexual matters are different from gender and color issues. A gay man can hide his proclivity in a closet. A black person would have to live like Boo Radley to hide their skin, and a woman would have to wrap up like she’s in Arabia to hide her gender. A gay man can aspire to any job if he suppresses his urges. How does a person of color suppress their pigmentation, or a woman hide her attributes, Braa?

Some gay men have a very rough time, especially gay men who want to express their “sexuality” in a public way. However, it is a fact that even if you are of the right sexual suasion, many people will frown upon you if you are loud about it. Gay men who just want to live their lives should have safe passage. The man who “outs” the private life of a private gay, “joo fu heng.”

It is not impossible that some day civilized human beings will consider gay as normal as boy likes girl. However, there is a thing about moving too fast. We just entered the age of tolerance. Before the next step we need at least a hundred years. Really, no gay person should get testy, shaat a payshens over 100 years. It took 6 THOUSAND years, between Genesis and the 20th century AD, to knock down Section 53.

Bah, some people are hankering to have their sexual behavior blessed. And white supremacy snuck in.

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