Headline — 21 March 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego
UB student, 23, murdered

The victim was found dead in her car in Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo, after kidnappers demanded a $250,000 ransom

The breaking news tonight is that a mother’s nightmare was made real when she was taken to the scene at an area outside Bullet Tree Falls to identify the body of her daughter, Kayla Burgess, 23, of Independence, a student of UB Belmopan who was found dead at about 6:00 this evening, strangled in her car.

Police have reportedly detained a person in connection with the murder.

Kayla Burgess’ family were hoping and praying that it was not her body which had been found.

According to Plus TV, Burgess was reportedly kidnapped earlier today, somewhere between Belmopan and Cayo. Her parents were sent a message and they went to the Independence Police Station to make an official report. They showed police a text message that they had received which said that their daughter had been kidnapped and that if the kidnappers received the $250,000 which they reportedly demanded for her return, “nobody else will be hurt.” One media source is reporting that when the brother tried to call Kayla’s phone, a man answered and warned the brother not to get the police involved.

The parents told police that they received another text message shortly after that which said, “help me”, after which, despite their best efforts, they could not contact their daughter, Kayla.

We understand that Kayla’s vehicle is a Kia Sorento, which was seen in the Bullet Tree Falls area this afternoon.

The police and the GSU went to the area and found the car in an area outside Bullet Tree Falls, with the body of the girl in it.

Independence police were alerted, and the parents, who are also residents of Independence, travelled to San Ignacio to identify the body of their daughter at about 8:30 tonight.

Police have launched an investigation into the kidnapping and murder of the UB student, Kayla Burgess.

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