Features — 19 September 2014 — by Kareem Clarke
US university recognizes Dr. Sol Yam for attaining Doctorate degree in Education

BELIZE CITY–The Nova Southeastern University, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has conferred a Doctorate degree in Education based on two concentrations in Organizational Leadership and Higher Education during summer 2014 to vice principal of St. John’s College, Ms. Sol Yam, this past Friday, September 12th.

Dr. Yam, who has cited the challenges in the area of mathematics in Belize’s educational system, particularly for the past ten years, completed her requirements by producing a dissertation entitled “Teachers’ Perceptions and Use of Manipulatives to Teach Mathematics in Middle Primary Schools in Belize”, which was supported by stakeholders at all levels in our educational system due to its relevance to Belize, and because of the perception that it is imperative that interventions are in place to address such challenges in the continuation of the work towards national development.

In a letter which was addressed to the president of St. John’s College, Andrew Lopez, the director for student enrollment of Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Gerogina Arguello, congratulated Dr. Yam for her achievement and referred to her work as “outstanding”. Dr. Yam completed her degree with honors.

Her advisor, Dr. Jorge Fernandez, described Dr. Yam as a hard-working, intelligent and humble scholar, and also congratulated her for her excellent work.

This year, in May during Education Week, Dr. Yam was recognized as the School Leader of Year Award for Belize District by the Ministry of Education.

Dr. Sol Yam dedicates her dissertation to the children of Belize.

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