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Changes in certain US visa and consular fees announced

GeneralChanges in certain US visa and consular fees announced

BELIZE CITY–The US State Department announced out of Washington, DC, today that effective Friday, September 12, 2014, it intends to adjust processing fees for some services, including fiancé visas and the fee for renouncing US citizenship.

“The fees for most categories of immigrant visas will change, while fees for nonimmigrant visas largely remain the same,” the announcement said:

The fee for renouncing US citizenship will increase from US$450 to US$2,350.

“Documenting a U.S. citizen’s renunciation of citizenship is extremely costly, requiring U.S. consular officers overseas to spend substantial amounts of time to accept, process, and adjudicate cases. The fee for processing renunciation of citizenship, which had previously been subsidized, is now reflective of the true cost,” the 15-day notice said.

Fee for renouncing US citizenship to increase from US$450 to US$2,350

It added that the fee for E-visas (treaty-traders and treaty-investors) will decrease and the fee for K visas (for fiancé(e)s of U.S. citizens) will increase.

“For immigrant visa processing, the fee for family-sponsored immigrant visas will increase, as will the fee for domestic review of an Affidavit of Support. All other immigrant and special visa processing fees that are changing will decrease,” the notice detailed.

Amandala tried repeatedly to reach officials at the US Embassy today for further information; however, the persons we were trying to reach were reportedly not at their desks when we called.

Nonimmigrant Visa Processing Fees

Type of Visa Previous Fee New Fee
Treaty Investor and Trader visas (E) $270 $205
Fiancé(e) visas (K) $240 $265
Border Crossing Card (under age 15) $15 $16

Immigrant Visa Processing Fees

Type of Visa Previous Fee New Fee
Immediate Relative and Family Preference Applications $230 $325
Employment-Based Applications $405 $345
Other Immigrant Visa Applications $220 $205
Determining Returning Resident Status $275 $180
Waiver of Two-Year Residency Requirement $215 $120
Affidavit of Support Review (only when reviewed domestically) $88 $120

Citizens’ and Administrative Services

Type of Service Previous Fee New Fee
Renunciation of Citizenship $450 $2,350
Charge for Consular Time (for fee services performed outside of normal business hours or away from the office) $231 $135


Below are the intended fee changes in US dollars:

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