Letters — 05 November 2013 — by Wendy Auxillou

Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to Paul Rodriguez’ latest letter to the editor.

In his letter, Mr. Rodriguez quoted the following: “…the wisest men of Western Civilization have always proposed modesty of dress”

No, Mr. Rodriguez, it is the most UNCIVILIZED men of the world who propose “modesty of dress” for women. Civilized men are in full control of their faculties and urges and feel no need to overpower, control, or exert power over anyone, including women.

Long before Christianity came to Belize, the Mayan women of this nation went about their daily business in a state of mostly undress as a natural part of their culture and the climate, and we never heard of rape.

Likewise, there are countless nudist colonies all over this world where men, women and children all walk around naked, and there is no rape.

In fact, rape has nothing to do with sexuality. It has to do with deep misogyny (a concept taught to us by the Catholic Church through its paternalistic teachings), and it has to do with the overpowering and controlling of another (in order for the rapist to feel powerful). It has nothing to do with sex or sexuality. Sex is just the weapon used by dysfunctional beasts to assuage their fragile egos.

Wheel and come again, sir. We are a nation of immature men, and if we are to stop the terrorizing of our women by these beasts in our midst it is imperative that men like yourself and Colin bh, who are given a platform, teach the right things.

Wendy Auxillou

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