General — 31 July 2015 — by Rowland A. Parks 
Woman slapped her man in front of police … twice!

BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 29, 2015–A Belize City woman broke down in tears as she was led by court police to the holding cell area of the Magistrate’s Court this morning, after she was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until Monday, when Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith will sentence her.

Tifara Tillett, 21, an unemployed resident of Berry Street, was arraigned on one count of common assault against her common-law husband, Belize Defence Force private, Kenrick Archer, 24.

When the Chief Magistrate asked her to enter a plea, Tillett pleaded, “Guilty with an explanation.”

Smith asked the court prosecutor, Inspector Carol Tucker, to give the court the brief facts of the charge.

Tucker read the facts of the report made against Tillett by Archer, who “requested court action against her.”

Archer reported to police that on Saturday, July 18, he was at home suffering from back pain and decided to go to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Tillett accompanied him.

At the hospital, however, they got into an altercation. Archer subsequently decided that he was going to make a report to the police’s Domestic Violence Unit, but it was not mentioned in the hearing what Tillett did to him to prompt his decision to make such a report.

Tillett was still with him when he walked into Precinct 3, on Queen Street.

Police Constable 1277 G. Garcia was speaking to Archer, apparently in preparation before the police took down his report in writing when he was further accosted by Tillett, who slapped him. Prior to his being slapped in front of the police officer, Archer had not intended, we understand, to use his statement to press charges against Tillett.

The report that Archer made to Police Constable 1331 Victorian L. (this was the way the officer who took the report wrote her name) did not indicate why Tillett decided to slap Archer forcefully in the face twice, inside the police station at the domestic violence unit, but her actions made Archer decide to press charges against her.

After Tucker read the facts briefly, Smith asked Tillett what was her explanation of what happened.

Tillett told the court that she had some clothing at Archer’s house that she wanted to retrieve, but that Archer was preventing her from getting them.

“And everywhere he si mi, ih interfere with mi,” Tillett explained.

Smith asked her if she was aware that she could have gone to the Family Court and sought assistance. In answer to Smith’s question, on whether she knew where the Family Court is, Tillett replied, “Yes.”

“Then why didn’t you go there?” Smith asked her. “I’m going to remand you. If it was a man, I would have remanded him. You are disrespectful – you slapped the man right in front of the police in the station. Remanded until sentencing on Monday,” Smith told Tillett, who had been released on bail when she was charged by police.

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