Headline — 12 April 2013 — by Miriam Longsworth
Woman visits daughter’s 30-year-old grave – but someone else is buried in it!

A family is in an uproar after they found out that their loved one’s grave at the Lord Ridge Cemetery, had been opened without their consent, for another person to be buried in it.

Beatrice Flowers said her daughter, Lydia, was buried in 1982. Her family visits the grave on special occasions. Lydia’s birthday was on March 20, but Flowers said she wasn’t able to visit her daughter’s grave until March 28.

Flowers said she was shocked, and practically ran out of the cemetery when she realized that someone else has been buried in her daughter’s grave.

She said she is not sure who is buried in the grave or when it occurred, as her last visit to the grave was in September 2012. She told us that she contacted the City Council twice last week, but her questions are still unanswered.

We spoke to City Council Public Relations Officer Kenny Morgan, who said that there was a mix-up with the grave numbers by the workers at the graveyard because of the haphazard way graves were numbered in the past. He said that is one of the reasons that the City Council had decided to take over the management of the cemetery.

Morgan said that he was unable to discuss the matter in detail because the City Council is still dealing with the issue of sorting out discrepancies at the cemetery.

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