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40 years ends statute of limitations on public secrets

Features40 years ends statute of limitations on public secrets

By Colin Hyde

   I saw the news about public road signs and essential temporary speed bumps being stolen, and I’m daam sure it’s not UDP people at the bottom of those dishonest deeds that could cause big problems for drivers, and will add expenditure to the already strained budget of our Ministry of Infrastructure Development & Housing. It’s dirty political activity alright, but it’s not the kind of thing members of the Red family would do. That UDP crowd most disappointingly picked up on many terrible PUP criminalities, graft and nepotism and such, but re: the low scraping-the-barrel activities being reported, the robbery of small public property, I say that’s still 100% Blue behavior.

   Bah, I remember the PUP made Miss Emma get really hot after a municipal election in Belize City, the one that saw Lady Zenaida emerge as that city’s first female mayor. Miss Emma is one of our nicest people, but she can get angry when people do wrong to our country. Our PSWG really made a great choice when he asked her to be by his side in the battle to save Belize.

   I was fortunate to get the welcome mat from Miss Emma, to visit on occasion for a little chat or a brush-up on unpublished history, and one day when I stopped by she wasn’t in a good mood. When I asked Miss Emma why she wasn’t happy, she asked me if I had noticed the amount of garbage piling up on the street side when I was coming by her. I told her yes. It’s the PUP, she said. She said the PUP scoundrels were saving their garbage until after the sanitation trucks passed, and then they came out in their droves and dumped their waste on the street side. Despite being in possession of some damning dirt about PUP modus operandi, I was still surprised by this low, unhealthy business. It’s only for the statutes thing why I didn’t out what I knew to Miss Emma. You bet I was eeching to.

   It’s the law that you have to be silent forever on private things told you in confidence, and for public things you got in confidence you have to wait 40 years. Four or so decades ago, a young PUP operative told me — if you’re the innocent type you won’t believe this — that whenever they needed money they went out in the night and defaced public signs. Then those wicked PUP boys went to the Ministry of Works and got jobs to repaint them. Hmm, these daam PUP, I hear they have a song titled, “Cut me een or cut it out”. Well, I am cutting out, before I get into trouble with them.

Mainland China “personal” with Taiwan

   Ever since I learned that the Chinese taught hygiene to the Europeans, they’ve had a special place with me. Of all the advances of human beings, bathing regularly is number one. I bet you’ve heard the saying, Cleanliness is next to Godliness! I have great difficulty watching these old European movies which feature their royal types. No matter how they have the heroines all dolled up, I know that in that era the Chinese hadn’t yet taught them to bathe. While others are titillated by these movies, I cringe because I know if the ladies smell sweet it’s all perfume, and no soap.

   Ugh, the Chinese have done a lot of things to erode their points, like eating dogs and cats, and trying to eat out all the fish, and this belligerence on their part with Taiwan is threatening to wipe away all their gains, relegate them to the ranks of the boors. Understandably, Mainland China would want to have more influence in Taiwan than the Americans; well, it’s Chinese aggression that is pushing Taiwan into the bosom of Abraham, Lincoln.

   I respect, admire Chairman Mao and the communists, even though the primary school books taught me to only respect and admire General Chiang Kai-shek and the nationalists/capitalists. It is good to understand the past before deciding on the present and the path for the future, and a few excerpts from the piece, “The Chinese Revolution of 1949, from the US’s “Office of the Historian”, at the website history.state.gov, should help.

   “The Chinese Communist Party, founded in 1921 in Shanghai, originally existed as a study group working within the confines of the First United Front with the Nationalist Party. Chinese Communists joined with the Nationalist Army in the Northern Expedition of 1926–27 to rid the nation of the warlords that prevented the formation of a strong central government. This collaboration lasted until the ‘White Terror’ of 1927, when the Nationalists turned on the Communists, killing them or purging them from the party.”

   An invasion from Japan followed, in 1931, and the two groups weren’t together in addressing it. The popularity of the communists increased during WWII. The US supported the Nationalist Government of Chiang Kai-shek. Chiang and Mao tried at forming an alliance after the war, but it didn’t work. By 1946 China was in an all-out civil war, and “in October of 1949, after a string of military victories, Mao Zedong proclaimed the establishment of the PRC; Chiang and his forces fled to Taiwan to regroup and plan for their efforts to retake the mainland.”

   Today, 2022, the communist victory in Mainland China is complete. All that Island Taiwan aspires for now is to stay out of Mainland China’s bed.  I’m watching the war games the Chinese are putting on because Ms. Pelosi visited. They have a special beef with her because she visited Tiananmen Square a couple years after the Chinese government got rough with pro-democracy elements, and while there she and her crowd unfurled a banner in honor of those who were slain or wounded.

   The Americans are crazy to be trying to promote democracy in China. In the US they have trouble handling 300 million people, while China has a population 5 times that. Mainland China can’t seriously be afraid that Island Taiwan will export democracy to their people. If democracy is their worry, their eyes should be on Japan, South Korea, and The Philippines.

   Bah, the real deal is that Mainland China’s business with Taiwan is mostly personal. And their war games make them look like rotten bullies.

Some cases should be private business

   The recent case between an actress, Amber Heard, and a famous movie actor named Johnny Depp, I don’t know why all that was played out in public. It’s bad enough for people to be having issues; there’s no reason to make the world know all the explicit details of lives gone wrong. The reason I know things is because I get Yahoo News, and that private matter is on front page, in bold, so I can’t escape.

   I think it’s sick, uncivilized of the courts to turn people’s private lives into public theater. Depp and Heard did nothing to you and me. If they want to bring their dirty linen for washing out here, only then should we be allowed to feed our appetites for ugly things.

   Staying with business from foreign that should be private, I don’t know why Jane Fonda doesn’t rest herself. It’s embarrassing to hear octogenarians giving sex lessons when properly they should be talking about their latest doily. And Fonda was never a sex symbol. As movie girls go, I don’t think many dreamt of her slipping out of her clothes. I rate her just a little higher than Sissy Spacek. Okay, we all have our preferences.

   Somebody has to explain the simple facts of life to these Americans. If you’ve lived anything close to a Christian life, you’ll have your share of regrets when you grow old. Get over it, dear.

Sedi — after 13 years firing blanks, now we get buckshot

Aha, this is a story that’ll have to wait until Friday.

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