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A new boss coming for the US in 2020

The American press has been lukewarm about the entry into the presidential race over there of Michael Bloomberg, a man who happens to be a lot wealthier and classier than their present president, Mr. D. Trump. The problem they say they’re having is that the new man is a media mogul, and they don’t know how that fits with the necessary scrutiny he’ll have to get as an aspirant for the job that makes one the most powerful person in the world.

It really shouldn’t be that great a dilemma for them. This Mr. Bloomberg has been the mayor of the most famous city in the world, New York, for a long time, and that’s a major league political job. You bet he has been under the microscope while he has been sitting in that hot seat.

All the American comedians are unhappy, because they’ve never had a field that is better than the guy who now sits in their high office, and of course they want him back for another term. That’s not what they’re saying, but they aren’t stupid. D. Trump loves to be the news, and when things are dull he kicks up stuff to get the banter going. Flat out, this D. Trump is just about the most fertile field ever, and they love it, and he loves it too, because he just lives to be the news, good or bad.

Barack Obama was a near disaster for the comedians and American punditry in general. There’s nothing much you can do with a guy that’s squeaky clean. And when they saw things they might pick at, they were sooo tentative because he isn’t white. I would elaborate on that, but not today.

Ah, now to get laughs the comics will have to work like the devil, or get slek, because their world is going to go flat. Somebody else’s world is going to go flat too because his great ticket was that he knows money and he had the proof, and now here comes one with more proof because he has a lot more money.

This Bloomberg is like Mr. Trump’s worst nightmare. And he, Trump, was having such a fantastic ride. The Democrat field was so weak that there were more than twenty contenders for their title. Can you imagine that wild, but lovable, Elizabeth Warren was their top candidate?

If Joe Biden would have stayed where he was, in retirement, Trump would not have had such an opportunity to be so rude with him. Brother Sanders is a nice guy, but he has the sin of hambohging Hilary. The Democrats’ smartest candidate is a young man named Buttigieg, but his being married to a man ruined his chances.

Bloomberg was married to a woman, and after his divorce he got a girlfriend. The man goes to a church. The man’s a media guy and an author, so you know that he treats women right. The man’s a Jew, and Israel has no problem with him, and that’s a huge thing for a person running for president in the USA.

So, some people will find some faults … don’t they always? I read a few pundits who are sneaking around this Bloomberg candidacy, trying to find holes, but this is a done deal. Yes, we know that he is richer than Trump, and we know that that’s Trump’s highest card. Remember how a rich man named Ross Perot just threw his hat into their ring and walked away with 19% of their vote? Perot wasn’t in a mainstream party; in fact, he ran as an independent. That 19% wasn’t that far from their Oval Office.

Americans drool over money; they like it much more than other people do. In America they measure you by your bank account. See how their pundits talk so nice and caring, but when it comes to us out here in the rest of the world they hardly give a daam. You remember how the American people dumped Jimmy Carter because he was kind to people like us? You see how energized they were when D. Trump told them he would make them super rich again?

The beloved Americans, our favorite people, let me rain on them some more. Their professional ball players, they have no loyalty. They and their agents are quick to talk about the club owners, but they never remember their loyal fans. I hope the San Francisco Giants keep Madison Bumgarner. If he was greedy like the others, the Giants never would have been the best baseball team of the decade 2010 to 2020.

Those Americans, they are all bottom line. And this Bloomberg has more of that than anybody else in their race. You can call this one signed, sealed, and delivered. He’s got the money, so he’s going to be their king. And we have to care because anybody who is their boss is ours too. We don’t have a say there, and neither do we control what direction the wind blows from, but we need to know things so we can be prepared.

Everyone has a right to comment, and you never know where the best ideas will come from, but nobody qualifies to be poster mom or poster dad on the demerits of lashing if they don’t have five or more children. Oh, and they can’t have a nanny to help them.

I have to feel that a lot of these people who condemn lashing either have docile children or don’t have many. Some children are cut to fit perfectly in this world. Their parents don’t have to push them to study; all they live for is to be adored by mommy and daddy. When a child like that makes a mistake, it’s because all humans must err, and when they don’t do their chores, it’s because mommy and daddy didn’t get their message through correctly.

Some children head haad. These kinds always have something going on in their minds that keep them from focusing on what they should be doing to keep on the right side of their parents. A child has to feel some pain for being lackadaisical before they get seriously hurt or cause someone serious hurt because of their neglect. Some children will try dehn parents’ patience fu spite. You need to be well rested and have a lot of bright ideas with these ones, or yu haffu lash.

I don’t buy anyone bringing up slave talk when they discuss lashing. Anyone who wants to say that lashing should be abolished because it reminds people of slavery, I will tell them what Minister Farrakhan had to say. He didn’t make slave talk distract him from speaking up for physical disciplining. In one of his talks he said the mother of the boy child told the police officer that she beat her boy because if she didn’t do it, one day the police officer would manhandle her boy, and she didn’t want that. Can anyone find fault with that reasoning?

There is the argument that lashing teaches bullying. It could, but what it does for sure is teach young people to respect authority. That goes back to the mom Farrakhan spoke about. That woman’s boy was getting a constructive dose.

Most of the people who gripe about lashing speak about the humiliation of it. Indeed, there are some children who are wounded in the mind by a good whipping, but they are not nearly as badly affected as a boy who needs the sash cord and doesn’t get it. We have heard that you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole. You have to apply force to get a little round on the square peg and then you might be able to force it to fit. Spare the rod on a bad boy and you will cause his ruin.

People who talk about the humiliation of whipping don’t talk enough about the degradation of harsh words. Sometimes children need a good talking to, just like sometimes they need a good whipping, but there can be an excess of both. Some cussing out can be terrible. Whoa, sticks and stones may break their bones, but words will absolutely destroy a child.

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