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A penny for your thoughts

Dear Editor,
Please try and publish these emails. They are my messages to the church and everyone out there. 
Mr. Editor, if you don’t mind, I want to talk from inside out.
Well, I am glad to see everyone preparing for Christmas and all the bashing that has been associated with it. The only thing I can’t stop wondering about is, how everyone is preparing for the Christmas – food, clothes, home makeover, so much so that businesses have hijacked the celebrations.
Remember, Jesus had to chase out those buying and selling in the temple – what an irony. The most shocking is the level of lack of reverence for His person, such that the preparation for His birth involves so much rum, debt and even stealing, the very same things He died to take away.
But know that He will be so glad if our preparations can be of a complete, absolute reverence of Him. I encourage every religious leader to know that every sovereign nation is a combination of state and religious leaderships. We complain of how our political leaders mis-manage public funds, but we need to look inward too, and know our politicians were at one time our church members, if they still show up, or have not turned the Mass and church service into a “shot” of political manifesto just before election.
Therefore, religious leaders need to be impeccable leaders grooming public servants/political leaders for proper stewardship and accountability.
The state of our society today is heart-breaking. I believe we all still remember that old saying that charity begins at home, so saying it the other way round, it would be, if no home or no charities at home, then don’t expect charity anywhere.
In our generation is where a man and woman don’t give much thought to what will be the outcome of their few minutes of pleasure, until the woman is pregnant and goes to the man, who more than likely, she knows beforehand, will abandon her, because the first symptom of that relationship is just the physical attraction, and nothing more.
Confusion will be the only thing that comes out of such a relationship. Now, when a child grows to see/know that himself and all his siblings will only share a mother, no role model at home to look up to, most of these children are not brought up to go to church.
Sometimes he may even get more confused than he is before going to church. Now tell me why he would not invent his own pattern of life? If we are to go by the number of schools owned by religious organizations in this country, then we should be able to go to bed with our doors open, and our teenage girls could walk safely on the street.
Now, my friends, let’s tell ourselves the truth – the posterity of Belize is our responsibility; we cannot toy with it anymore than we have already done. Let’s learn from the USA the good in their culture, and leave the bad in their country for them to enjoy. We don’t need it. Belizeans, let us reason together and apply our hearts to wisdom.
2nd mail
It is an opportunity to write again. You know, we humans are full of humor. I can’t help but laugh the day I read the statement of the Minister of Education. He seems to be the best Minister of Education, such that he even chooses to teach the general public what they don’t know or must have forgotten because of everyday bustling and hustling.
I guess he got a Ph.D. in gender differentiation/classification when he went to Taiwan, or passed by Cameron and Obama on his way home, such that he recognized a gender called “OTHERS.”
At least he should respect his good parents who brought him up, and the teachers who taught him when he was about the same age that these students are, and say something better, or keep quiet.
Please note that I am a Christian, a born-again Christian who is passionate about contributing to the transformation of our society.
Jo A.
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