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Home Headline Accused US murderer took refuge in Belize

Accused US murderer took refuge in Belize

Christopher Prestipino is accused of killing an actress and dumping her body in a concrete box in the desert.

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Oct. 17, 2019– An American man was arrested by Las Vegas police when he returned there after taking refuge in Belize, the New York Post reported. It was not said how long he was in Belize, and where he stayed.

Christopher Prestipino, 45, is facing first degree kidnapping, conspiracy to commit murder and murder charges. Prestipino is being held without bail at Clark County Detention Center and is expected to be taken to court on Tuesday, October 22.

Authorities are still poring over DNA evidence to confirm the identity of the woman’s body that was found encased in concrete in the desert, in Las Vegas.

The woman, Esmeralda Gonzalez, 24, an actress, was reported missing since May and was last seen on surveillance video dressed only in lingerie and high heels.

A report out of Las Vegas says that Prestipino is believed to have murdered Gonzalez in a most gruesome manner. Gonzalez was injected with poison and then her body was encased in a concrete and wooden block and dumped in the desert.

Prestipino, while high on methamphetamine, allegedly told a friend how he had murdered Gonzalez, whose body was found on October 8 encased in a concrete block in the desert north of Las Vegas.

Prestipino and an accomplice reportedly panicked and left the U-Haul dolly at the scene where the body was dumped.

The court documents were released yesterday, Wednesday, detailing what investigators have discovered.

“Police also interviewed a suspected accomplice, Cassandra Garrett, who was defensive, argumentative and denied any knowledge of the missing person/homicide investigation,’ according to documents,” 13 KTNV reported.

Gonzalez’s brother, Juan Gonzalez, told 13 Action News that his missing sister suffered from a bi-polar disorder and was off her medication.

The court document also named co-conspirator, Cassandra Garrett, in Gonzalez’s murder. Gonzalez was allegedly seen cleaning up the garage at Prestipino’s home.

Police also say that Lisa Mort, 31, had knowledge of what had happened and assisted Prestipino.

Detectives say Prestipino was also seen on security camera at a Home Depot in the Southwest Valley on June 6, purchasing five 60-pound bags of concrete mix, 13 KTNV reported.

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