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Ahmadiyya Basketball League Week 2 results

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Feb. 4, 2019– Sunday, February 3, was another hectic day of basketball action at the SJC gym, where Week 2 of the 2019 Ahmadiyya Basketball League (ABL) Belize tournament comprised a total of 18 games played – 5 each in the U-15 and U-19 categories, and 8 in the U-23s.

U-15 results

Game 1 – North Side Ballers over D Good Samaritans, 33-30.  Arnal Swazo 11 pts for North Side; Jayan Tejeda 13 pts for D Good Samaritans.  Game 2 – Electric Avenue Ballers over Los Lagos Lakers, 33-22.  Daniel Godoy 7 pts for EAB; Justo Bernardez 8 pts for LL Lakers.  Game 3 – Belama Gators over ABS Hard Rock, 51-24.  Jameer Young 12 pts for Belama; Louis Matthews 9 pts for ABS Hard Rock.  Game 4 – Future Shock over D Good Samaritans, 34-30.  Kyle Castillo 9 pts for Future Shock; Tyrai Bradley 11 pts for D Good Samaritans.  Game 5 – Hurrricanes Jr. over Maya Man Warriors, 31–26.  Kamal Ford 9 pts for Hurricane Jr.; Kyron Serano 8 pts for Maya Man.

U-19 results

Game 1 – Orange Court Generals over Orange Walk Crusaders, 44-17.  Kendis Gentle 13 pts for Orange Court; Elvis C 7 pts for Crusaders.  Game 2 – Northside Ballers over King’s Park Raiders, 34-30.  Gregory Fisher 7 pts for Northside Ballers; Alexander Ariola 12 pts for Kings Park.  Game 3 – Dream Team over Tropic Air Defenders, 39-38.  Tevaun Lennan 15 pts for Dream Team; Michael Goff 12 pts for Tropic Air Defenders.  Game 4 – Verdes Jr. U19 over Third World Ballers, 33-29.  Draymond Casimiro 10 pts for Verdes; Lindsay Young 10 pts for Third World.  Game 5 – Verdes Jr. U19 over Orange Walk Ballers, 31-23.  Nevel Martinez 6pts for Verdes; Ryan Duran 14 pts for OW Ballers.

U-23 results

Game 1 – Westland over Gorilla Cutz, 46-45.  Kiedel Lino 11 pts for Westland; Sydney Bradley 14 pts for Gorrilla Cutz.  Game 2 – Verdes Jr. U23 over Corozal Ballers, 47-35.  Aaron Allison 12 pts for Verdes; Kevin Jones 7 pts for Corozal.  Game 3 – PG Panthers over Furyans, 48-37.  Delmore Santino 25 pts for PG; Malcom Swift 9 pts for Furyans.  Game 4 – Milpa Ladyville over Jr. Lend Ballers, 55–50.  Lindsay Young 16 pts for Milpa; Michael Goff 10 pts for Jr. Lend Ballers.  Game 5 – Tiger Sharks Jr. over 501 Falcons, 43-38.  Aaron Young 8 pts for Tiger Sharks Jr.; Godfrey Arnold 10 pts for 501 Falcons.  Game 6 – PG Panthers over Verdes Jr. U23, 29-27.  Dane Bradley 11 pts for PG; Kyron Molina 15 pts for Verdes.  Game 7 – Orange Walk Jr. Rebels over Westland, 47-38.  Dwayne Cummings 11 pts for Jr. Rebels; Tevorne Phillips 9 pts for Westland.  Game 8 – Double Head Cabbage Mad Dawgs over Orange Court Generals U23, 34–31.  Winford Broaster 11 pts for DHC Mad Dawgs; Phillip Parks 8 pts for Orange Court.

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