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An old hero told me we need women to keep on the straight and narrow

I made a call, a desperate call, for men to step up and defend our breed before we get watered down to something dat mek wi luk like real sheep, and now I promise to make it my bizniz to tell every brother I meet about what’s in store for male human beings for the next six thousand years if we don’t step to the plate now. Of course we deserve to be punished for what we did these six thousand years since Creation, but to change our DNA, dat wi can’t accept.

I am happy to say that help is on the way. I met an old hero of mine recently, and when I told him what the leading women are up to, and the kind of equality they want with men, he let out a mighty yell, and after he had recovered some from the shock, he said: “Hyde, if women ever get like men, it is the end of the world.”

My old hero said we should drop on our knees and pray to God that women never become like us, because then the world gone to hell fu troo.

Bah, some of these modern women aren’t game to hold up the world anymore, but fortunately there are women, many of them, who are content with their¯lot. If I were a politician I would say “divide and conquer”, but I could never do that; I am not a politician. All I have is, to fall on my knees and beg, please, please, don’t punish our breed for all our past transgressions.

Don’t spare the rod

I think it was Ms. Lisa – perdón if I’m wrong – who said that there is no place in the modern Belize for police officers to behave like Kassa and Tablada, two of our most revered police officers of yore. Those two brothers carried whips, and one of their prominent jobs was to keep order at matinee and the night shows at the theaters in Belize City. They did. Imagine, the movie about to staat and you are at the back of the line… Do you know that you are lost, sometimes completely, if you miss the beginning of a show? Ah, but for fear of the whip you dare not jump your place.

I remember one time at the bus terminal there was a mad rush for the bus when it came in. (There is always a rush, but this rush was terrible, the kind that could have ended up in someone getting trampled to death.) Yes, there was this mad rush, and all the lead guy at the terminal did to try and claim some order, was beg. What have we done to our country? There was a time when no one dared disrupt the order. Those were the days when men did not allow women to tell them how to discipline unruly boys.

You see these copycat youth who go around with their pants hanging below their batam? There are respectable ways for male youth who think that we older males and our country are a big letdown. There are other ways for them to show that they don’t approve of us. A man must never show his backside. Just a few decades ago we had the proper cure for this type of exposure. Dehn wudn dayr step out on the street like that when our officers had the whip.

For these vocal women and the men who are always telling them yes, it’s all about rights. Sadly, youth who get no correction for exposing dehn underclothes are the most likely to grow up toxic; I believe soh. There are obedient children, and they respond to corrective words, or the forms of punishment modern society prescribes. Wild male youth are desperately in need of another kind of intervention.

Thank gudnis you didn’t do it, Diana

This June the USA and all countries that are trying to overturn the wisdom of Leviticus have been celebrating the reality of being gay, and me noh have no problem with anybody being happy about dehnself, though I really think that when it comes to some of our behaviors, well, some things should remain under lock and key. There are so many things to like about people, and it’s all good if we keep our bad habits out of the spotlight.

I learned this week that one of the big songs, one of the anthems our brothers sing, is a hit by Diana Ross, “I’m coming out.” Well, how silly that made me feel, because I am certain that at some time I must have been wailing along with Diana, “I’m coming out, I want the world to know…”

Daam, there’s no end to the subterfuge in this world. Poor, silly me, what a fool, singing at the top of my voice, “I’m coming out”, when down to the marrow in my bones my song would be, “I’m staying in; don’t make me come out”, if I had a hankering for flesh of my own kind.

After I learned what Diana did, I thought, well, I had heard that Michael Jackson had a huge crush on her, and that explains a lot of things. Ah, I learned later – wait, allow me to divert awhile. Somebody really has to tell the gay crowd that it isn’t fair to be laying claim to everybody. One of their favorite ploys is to put out a claim on a hero when he is gone. Wat, noh wait till the man dead fu tell di world dat ih mi gay. I wouldn’t have space to list all the dead heroes that they have tagged.

Ai, that is so, so unfair. Me noh have no issues with brothers who have their wires crossed that way, if they don’t couple, but they can’t be about dusting off skeletons to push their agenda. If you want to be jumping off church steps, the only body you should lean on should be alive, the one who is your mate.

Coming back to Diana, I checked the Wikipedia and what do you know, the lady who starred with the Supremes is saved, she is innocent of wrongdoing. I jumped the gun and brought in a guilty verdict when she has no sin. My, the story goes that Diana was duped by the lyrics of the song too, and when she found out what the songwriters had done to her, I think she almost went crazy.

The story goes that Diana thought the lyrics dovetailed with her changing from one company, Motown, to another record company. The writers of the Wikipedia page, and they have no reason fu lie, said that “Ross loved the record until she put it in front of Frankie Crocker (a disc jockey), who pointed out that ‘I’m Coming Out’ is what homosexuals use to announce their homosexuality; she ran back to the studio in tears and demanded to know why Rodgers (one of the writers of the song) wanted to ruin her career.”

We all know the happy ending to that story. It didn’t ruin Diana’s career. How could it, when she was completely innocent of wrongdoing. We know who the guilty party is. I told you, there is no end to their ambition, and they should be ashamed about their deception.

Jesus, a brother who knew His brew

These prohibitionists will go to hell, all of them, for being so selective with their passages. How can you read the Bible and miss Mark 2:22! Jesus really knew His wine. No one puts new wine into old wineskins, our wonderful brother said! Amazingly, Genesis is all literal, but when Jesus spoke about wine, liquor, why He was talking metaphors. You there, Mr. Selective, He didn’t even need blackberries or cashew to make His brew.

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