Headline — 13 February 2019 — by Rowland A. Parks
“Ankle bracelets” planned for repeat gun offenders

Ankle monitors are widely used in the US, and a similar project was launched in England, says government

BELMOPAN, Mon. Feb. 11, 2019– The Ministry of National Security announced today via a press release that it has established an exploratory committee to examine the feasibility of a repeat gun offence law.

“The law would require repeat gun offenders and convicted gang members to wear a tracking device when they are released from prison to enable police to compare those persons’ location to the scene of a crime at the time the crime is committed,” the press release said.

The ministry has appointed Carlos Namis, IT specialist; Dr. Ajay Hotchandani, consultant; and Nicole Haylock, citizen security expert.

The press release said that a pilot project of similar nature was launched in England after a spike in knife crimes.

Ankle monitors are widely used in the United States, especially for offenders who are under house arrest.

The ankle monitors work with Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and use batteries that have to be recharged.

Studies are now revealing that the use of ankle monitors is on the rise in the United States. The devices are mostly used for sex offenders and violent criminals who have been released on parole.

The Ministry of National Security has not announced the next step following the setting up of its exploratory committee.

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