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Belikin 8-Ball Tournament – Belmopan update!!!

BELMOPAN, Thurs. June 30, 2016–The Belikin 8-Ball Tournament in Belmopan saw six matches played in the past week, with the following team and individual results.

Sunday, June 26: At Mike’s Cue Club, Special Effects defeated Barrio Fino, 3-2. For Special Effects, Erwin Woodye won Cyrus Mira, 4-1; Edmund Guy shot sharply over Victor Orellana, 4-1; and Clifford King beat Brian Mira, 4-2. For Barrio Fino, it was Amir Paquil running Rony Ramos, 4-2; and Stanley Mira edged Dean Flowers, 4-3, after Dean made a huge comeback, but could not get over the hill, as Stanley finished with a beautiful and sweet shot. At Intentalo Bar, Las Flores blanked Set-Up, 5-0. Marvin Yam won Floyd Thimbrel, 4-2; Julio Hernandez won Juan Hernandez, 4-1; Juan Gusman won Ruben Ruiz, 4-3; Jose Alvarenga won Kenny Arnold, 4-3; and Salvador Orellana put the icing on the cake over Vincent Huang, 4-1. At Capital Entertainment, BRC Shooters won Twin Stars, 3-2, in a tight match. For BRC, Oscar Avelar won Moises Aguirre, 4-3; Tim Banman continued to look good, as he won Mario Lopez, 4-3; and Duane Garbutt reeled in Roberto Sanabria, 4-2. For Twin Stars, Erwin Paredes showed he is the bigger brother, as he won Elder Paredes, 4-2; and Jose Palma did the same over his younger brother, Noe Palma, 4-2, as they play on different teams.

On Tuesday, June 28, at Mike’s Cue Club, Twin Stars won Special Effects, 4-1. For Twin Stars, Jose Palma zipped Clifford King, 4-0; Mario Lopez dropped Erwin Woodye, 4-2; Roberto Sanabria edged Dean Flowers, 4-3; and Erwin Paredes won Edmund Guy, 4-2. For Special Effects, only Arturo Pelayo was effective, as he zipped Moises Aguirre, 4-0.

On Wednesday, June 29, at Capital Entertainment, Barrio Fino lashed Las Flores, the defending champs, 4-1, as Victor Orellana was victorious over Julio Hernandez, 4-1; Brian Mira, who always seems to have fun as he plays, shocked Salvador Orellana, 4-3; Amir Paquil, shooting calmly, won Juan Gusman, 4-3; and Greg Chiac got a big win over Marvin Yam, 4-3. For Las Flores, it was Jose Alvarenga over Stanley Mira, 4-2. The next match resulted in BRC Shooters over Set-Up, 3-2. For BRC, Tim Banman stunned Sheridan Lemoth, 4-0; Danilo Rivera took care of Kenny Arnold, 4-2; and Oscar Avelar won Ruben Ruiz, 4-0. For Set-Up, It was Juan Hernandez with a sweet victory over top shooter Duane Garbutt, 4-3; and Vincent Huang smiled as he won Santos Palma, 4-3.

Games continue at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 3 – Special Effects vs Las Flores, and Twin Stars vs Set-Up at Mike’s Cue Club; and Barrio Fino vs BRC Shooters at Capital Entertainment.

Points to date: BRC Shooters (11); Twin Stars and Barrio Fino (9); Las Flores (8); and Special Effects and Set-Up (4).

Rack ‘em UP for Belikin!!!

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