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Belizean says Chetumal cops robbed him of $3,000

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Aug. 22, 2019– A Belizean man has reported to us that he was robbed by Mexican police in Chetumal. The victim, who is afraid of using his name due to retaliation by the Mexican cops when he takes another trip to Chetumal, told Amandala that he went to Chetumal on Monday on a business trip.

He and a friend decided to have a few drinks in a popular bar, the Arrecife, and at about 10:30, they decided to leave.

Outside the bar, his friend went his own way, and he got in his vehicle and began driving to his hotel.

The route to his hotel was through a main street, but he found it blocked, and so he had to take a side street.

A little ways into the side street, the Belizean was held up by Mexican police, who are known to like the “mordida” (a bribe). These policemen, however, didn’t ask for mordida. They simply took him out of his car and searched him. They then searched his vehicle and wrote down his license number.

The Mexican cops simply stole almost all his money, which amounted to $3,000 in Belizean currency, US dollars and pesos. They left him with about $25 and his cell phone, and then chased him away, he told Amandala.

Before the Belizean got very far, however, another Mexican vehicle made him stop, and some more Mexican cops came out and demanded money.

The victim, thoroughly incensed by the second attempt to rob him, told them that their colleagues had already stolen everything from him, so he had nothing to give them. Like the other cops, these cops then chased him off.

He then went to his hotel, but because he had no money for a room, and told the manager what had happened, the manager allowed him to park his car in the parking lot, and he slept in his car that night.

He returned to Belize the following day after getting his family to send him some money. He told us that his reason for giving us the story was to warn other Belizeans what to expect when they go anywhere at night, that they may be robbed by the Chetumal cops.

We asked him why he had not left his money at the hotel, and he told us that this had never happened to him before, and he had not thought that he would be robbed, at least, not by the police, who should have been there to protect him, not rob him.

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