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British-South African resort owner killed in PG

1 year – Two Issues (Midweek & Weekend)British-South African resort owner killed in PG

By Charles Gladden

SAN ANTONIO, Toledo District. Thurs. June 16, 2022

The lifeless body of Kevin Brown, 70, a British-South African retiree and owner of a small resort with an organic farm known as Farm Inn, which is located about a mile away from San Antonio Village on the Jalacte Road in the Toledo District, was found at the resort with apparent gunshot wounds on Monday, June 13. There have been conflicting reports about the specific location on the property at which the discovery of the body was made–with initial reports indicating that he was found floating face-up in a pool on the grounds of the resort, while subsequent reports have stated that he was found on the floor of his office.

According to police, Brown suffered gunshot wounds in the center of his chest, his left palm, the right side of his back, and near his left ear.

His body was reportedly found at about 3:00 p.m. on Monday afternoon by Jim McArthur, a farmer and friend of Brown who lived nearby and who went to visit him, but found that the front door of the home/establishment was locked. He reportedly shouted Brown’s name and knocked more forcefully, but there was no reply. Recent reports are indicating that McArthur then entered the home through an open door at the back and discovered Brown’s lifeless body on the floor.

McArthur subsequently contacted Brown’s wife, who resides in Placencia, to inform her of what had happened, then he called the police.

After police arrived at the scene, Brown’s body was transported to the Punta Gorda Hospital, and moments after 6:00 p.m. on Monday night, he was pronounced dead.

When asked about the incident by local reporters, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams stated, “From what investigators are seeing or what investigators saw on the scene, it would appear to be a robbery gone wrong, and the place was ransacked and several items were missing, including the deceased’s licensed shotgun, and so there are persons that we are looking at with the hope that we’ll be able to get some positive leads to be able to solve this murder in Punta Gorda.”

Police are yet to detain any persons in connection with Brown’s death.

Brown’s daughter is reportedly offering a $2,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of her father’s murderer.

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