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Caretellas say: Do your BWS job, Alberto!

Dear Editor,

Could you please print this open letter to Mr. August?

Dear Mr. August,

The day that you were shouting in the Senate, we received a communication from BWS about our water supply. Now, you are the chair of BWS and as such you are responsible for us receiving a decent water supply. The supply is less than adequate to say the least. Yesterday, I got up before 5am to do my washing as the water supply had been non-existent over the weekend, I finally completed (one machine full) at 6pm. From 7am to 1pm there was NO WATER and then it began to return as a trickle.

From the information in your communication, we learn that we are experiencing ” water shortages or low pressure”  This is due to an increase in population and the fact that the water mains are over 50 years old. You say that the company has now finalized the design and plans for improvements to the water treatment plant in San Ignacio, and will commence the works shortly.

When completed, the new infrastructure will meet the current and future water demands of this growing municipal area. The overall improvement plan includes the following project phases……Years 2014 to 2016 are listed as completed, with further phases from 2017 to 2020 listed up to March 2020 still to be done.

You then say in the next paragraph that, “Within the first year, the water pressure will be improved to lower areas of Santa Elena and Esperanza.”  We live in the higher areas of Esperanza.

So how long exactly have we got to wait? Is it 2020, 2021, or when?

We would like some clarification of WHEN we will be able to enjoy 24/7 high quality water as you suggest.

Perhaps you should get back to running BWS instead of harassing Senator Courtenay. You are obviously good at running the UDP: can you please show the same efficiency with the BWS?


Sally and Leonardo Caretella
Esperanza Village

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