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Christopher Chi, 13, missing; body found decomposing

Cops hold 2 teens, both 15, and man, 33, for his murder

YO CREEK, Orange Walk District, Wed. Sept. 11, 2019– Last Friday, a Jasmine Alert was issued to notify the public of the disappearance of Christopher Chi, 13, of Yo Creek.

According to reports, at about 5:30 Friday evening, Chi’s elder brother saw him get on a motorcycle with a man who was known to him and his family, and they drove away.

When the boy failed to come home, the family began to get frantic and went to the police, and a search to find him began. The Jasmine Alert was also issued, declaring that Chi was in danger.

Police said that the man who was seen with Chi was detained and questioned. Police said he is known to them, but he denied being the one who picked up Chi on a motorcycle.

Four days after Christopher went missing, the worst fears of the family of the missing boy were realized when his corpse was found  in a culvert behind a cane field about half a mile from the San Lorenzo Housing Site. He was found by police and a search party comprised of his friends and relatives, along with volunteers, after a suspect in his disappearance told police where his body was.

Christopher’s brother, Moises Chi, Jr., said that he was found stuffed in a culvert, but he believes he was killed elsewhere and taken to the area, at night, to dispose of him. He said that Christopher was found unclad, except for his boxer shorts. A motorcycle helmet with which he left home was found nearby. The brother said that he had been bashed in the head and there were injuries to his face.

Police said that the body was in a state of decomposition. An autopsy performed on Chi’s body confirmed that his death was caused by blunt force trauma to the head. Injuries were also noted on his face.

Moises, Christopher’s grieving brother, said that Christopher had told them that his friend would come to pick him up on a motorcycle, and he left home with his helmet and went to Loyda’s Fast Food, a short distance from their house, and waited there for his friend. He was sitting in front of the fast food stand when his friend came. Moises said he and others saw them ride away on a motorcycle.

Moises told CTV 3 News in Orange Walk that his family’s search for Christopher extended to San Fransisco Botes on the Mexican side of the Rio Hondo River. He said that police informed them that one of three men they detained and were interrogating, cooperated and told them where to find the body.

Moises said that the three suspects for the murder are Christopher’s friends. He said that his family is at a loss for reasons why he was killed. He said that Chris smoked marijuana and was at times rebellious, but he was generally a good kid, that he was not violent and would not kill anyone.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said that three persons are in custody for the death of Christopher Chi, and they are two 15-year-old boys and a man, 33. He said that their investigations suggest that Christopher was killed by his friends, and that the death was drug-related.

One of the three persons detained is cooperating with the investigation.

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