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Concerned Nicaraguan condemns Ortega-Murillo regime

Dear Editor,

I am a concerned Nicaraguan with family and friends in the country and I write to you about a pressing matter. Since April of 2018, the antidemocratic but “seemingly” benevolent regime has revealed its true colors. Peaceful demonstrations were answered with brutal force, death and torture. Criticism of any type has resulted in arbitrary detention, extrajudicial killings, forced disappearances or exile for thousands of my compatriots.

Not age, gender or even ideology has protected any Nicaraguan from the wrath of the Ortega-Murillo regime, their cronies, police or paramilitary, who are currently hunting down our journalists, students, and members of NGOs, including longtime human rights advocates.

Since 2007, the Ortega-Murillo regime systematically has broken down all independent sectors of society, along with all branches of government. As a result, there are no national mechanisms to help us bring a peaceful and just resolution to the crisis. We thus turn to our neighbors in the region and around the world, understanding that times like these are the reason for the application of international instruments such as the Organization of American States Democratic Charter.The recently published report of the OAS Independent Group of International Experts (IGIEI) reveals the gross and inhumane abuses carried out by the government, including crimes against humanity. There are reports of countless atrocities, including the systematic torture and rape of political detainees; the burning alive of an entire family; the killing of children as young as nine months old; the refusal by government health institutions to attend to those injured; the shooting at a church filled with civilians; the persecution of doctors who attended to victims and were forced into exile, to name a few. The attached documents provide some background information. I am also available to speak with you about the situation.

We are hopeful that the people and governments of peace-loving nations will contribute to the restoration of democracy and justice by giving a voice to the thousands who have been silenced by death, disappearance, imprisonment or exile.

Please encourage your government to support the people of Nicaragua by voting accordingly in the regional and international arenas. Let not the flame of freedom and justice be put out by tyranny.

With sincere respect and appreciation,
Cecilia Sanchez

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