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Corporal Eldon Arzu takes the Commissioner of Police to court

BELIZE CITY, Fri. July 10, 2020– Corporal Eldon Arzu, who has been the president of the Belize Police Association for about 7 terms (14 years) and who this year again sought the post of president in elections held by the association but had been defeated, has taken the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, to court, blaming him for his losing the  presidency of the Police Association.

Arzu contends that because the election date in November was deferred by the Commissioner, other contenders entered the race, causing him to be soundly voted out.

He is now seeking a court order to overturn the results of the election and to reinstall him as the president, in spite of the fact that over 1,500 police officers who voted on June 17 sent him a clear message of rejection.

Nazia Myles, Arzu’s attorney, told the media that she has made a submission to the court for a judicial review to overturn the elections.

Commissioner Williams said that Sgt. Jane Usher and her team were the only ones who had submitted themselves as contenders for the Police Association posts in November, 2019, and Arzu put in his application in March, 2020.

The delay in the elections was due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, said the Commissioner.

Williams has categorized the lawsuit as frivolous and malicious.

The case has been adjourned until Thursday, July 16.

There has been an ongoing dispute between the Police Commissioner and the corporal, because Commissioner Williams, on taking over the command of the Police Department last February, had requested that Arzu submit an audit of the accounts of the association so that he could see how the money paid monthly by police officers was being spent, so that he could be better able to answer questions by police officers when he went to the police formations throughout the country to talk to them.

Arzu refused.

Arzu had been transferred when he had become transferable, but there was a problem because he did not show up to work at his new position in Belmopan, and his salary was suspended.

Arzu took the Commissioner to Court, and the case is presently before the court.

Compol Williams said that he will await the decision of the court and will comply with the court orders.

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