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Cricket Corner – BDF leading in Zone Two; Bandits lost first game; Easy Does It creeping up.

BELIZE CITY, Wed. May 8, 2019– Hello, all cricket enthusiasts! It’s a pleasure once again to have you all informed of our so wonderful sport – CRICKET. Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Harrison Parks 2019 Cricket Competition continued over the weekend. Thanks for the sponsorship of Bowen and Bowen.

It was such a lovely day for playing cricket. Fans and spectators had a fun filled day. Some teams were joyous, while others were heartbroken; but that’s the way the game goes. We win some; we lose some.

Let’s take a glance at Western Eagles’ game against Rural Mix. In the first half, Western Eagles had defeated them easily. This time around, it could have happened again if some errors didn’t occur. The Eagles went to bat first and scored a handy 175. When the Mix went to bat, it seemed such an easy game for the home team. At the fall of 9 wickets, the Mix had only 59 runs.  And, would you believe, the last two batsmen carried the score to a tie and beat the Eagles. Sadly, I didn’t get the full results. That’s the first heartbroken one.

Then, right in the heart of the river valley at Double Head, the home team was waiting for Belmopan Bandits to even things up. Bandits have not lost a game yet. Winning the toss, the home team took to bat and scored 186. Not a bad score, to say the least. In that inning, Brandon Broaster scored 44, while Glenroy Reynolds and Herbert Banner took 3 wickets each. After lunch break and socializing, time for the Bandits to prove their winning skills. It was not to be, as hard as they tried. Kenroy Roca used the error of Bandits by taking 4 wickets, cutting the Bandits to a score of 170 at the fall of the last wicket. Herbert Banner and Lloyd Casasola scored 57 and 36, respectively. That’s another of the heartbroken games.

Wicked11 is doing very well so far, as they defeated Old Youth with ease, 190 to 68. For the Wicked boys, Aaron Muslar scored 38, and Vince Robinson took 3 wickets. For Old Youth, Tyrell Ferguson scored 24 and took 5 wickets. Congrats, guys!

Summer Fever put a beating on Northern Spirit; 52 to 47, with 9 spare wickets. For Summer Fever, Brian Casasola scored 20, and T. Stephenson took 5 wickets. For Northern Spirit, Aston Vacaro scored 13.

Easy Does It, a team that had started a bit off balance, is now hitting teams from left to right going to the finish line. The team defeated Brilliant 143 to 101. For the Easy boys, Cyril Banner the 3rd scored 45, followed by Julian Reynolds with 35. Gareth Banner, Sr. took 4 wickets. For Brilliant, Percy Tillett scored 42, while Clifford Tillett took 4 wickets.

Now for Team BDF, who has lost only one game; they again defeated Sunrise with no hassle. Sunrise went in to bat first, and the batsmen had done an excellent batting by scoring 173. This is a very impressive score against such a strong team as the BDF. In that inning, Shah scored 39, while Glenford Banner took 4 wickets, followed by Herman Gordon with 2. After lunch break, at which some visiting fans were offered food free of cost, it was time for the home team to go and defend. Well, things weren’t working out for Sunrise, as when the first batsman was out, the score was at 86. The second batsman gone and the score was 91. It was all over, as the other batsman and his partner took the score over the hill to 175. Glenford Banner scored 49; and Zaghi took 2, the only 2 wickets BDF lost.

On Sunday, Berlan defeated Big Deal, 80 to 79, with 6 spare wickets. For Berlan, Rushane scored 23, and Jani took 5 wickets. For Big Deal, Jerry scored 16, and Shane took 3 wickets. That ended a well-played game for the weekend.

Upcoming weekend games:  On Saturday, it will be:  Western Eagles vs Excellence at Double Head; Summer Fever vs Easy Does It at Landing; Bandits vs Northern Spirit at Sandhill; Rural Mix vs Brilliant at Crooked Tree; Sunrise vs Big Deal at Boom; and BDF vs Old Youth at BDF; and on Sunday: Wicked 11 vs Berlan at Landing.

Till next week folks; love and respect to all!

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